The Unpredictable Nature Of Cyber Attacks And The Need For Cyber Security : Ken Research

The Report Global Cybersecurity Market (2018-2023) gives a detailed analysis on the global market for cybersecurity. The report gives current and forecasted regional (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East and Africa) market size data for the global blockchain technology market, based on applications: smart cities, smart factories, connected healthcare, connected vehicles, smart grids, and other, based on end users industries manufacturing, energy and utility, IT and telecommunication, healthcare and life sciences, consumer appliances, and transportation and logistics. The report covers market trends and market drivers and challenges for the global edge computing market. The report will help in formulating product marketing strategy based on industry and economic factors. The top players in the market are Symantec Corporation, Check Point Technology Ltd., Paloalto Networks, Fortinet, FireEye, Trend Micro Inc., Proofpoint Corp., KPMG and IBM.

Cyber security means the practices and policies followed by institutions and agencies to protect their networks, devices, programs and data from external, unauthorized access. Cyber security also refers to information technology security. As more and more digitalisation and automation are happening in the business and governments, enormous amount of data which are sensible are being produced. Thus, it is important for governments, military, medical and corporate organisations to collect, preserve and store their data since a significant portion of this can be intellectual property, financial data and personal information. More than often, leaking of this information are likely to infringe on the privacy and likely to have negative consequences.

Organisation often transmit sensitive amount of data across networks and other devices and cyber security explains the way of protecting that information and the systems used to process or store the data. Of lately, the nature and type of cyber attacks are growing with sophistication. This puts a lot of pressure on organisations dealing with national security, health or financial records to go out of their way to protect this information. As per a study, it was forecasted that cyber attacks and digital spying are much more threatening than terrorism to national security.

The types of challenges faced by cyber security are network security, identity management, mobile security, cloud security, endpoint security, application security, database security, end- user education. The most challenging of them all is the ever – evolving nature of the cyber risks. These risks are unpredictable and threats advance and change quickly than the governments and organisations can keep up with. Thus, a proactive and an adaptive method of cyber security is followed by all.

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