Integration of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in the Global Furniture Market Outlook: Ken Research

In the recent trend, the furniture industry is growing rapidly and occupies a significant position in the global manufacturing market. Whereas, with the growing disposable income and urbanization the trade of furniture has grown and acquire an effective stage in the global trade. The development in the technology of furniture is also signify the effective strength of the market and adaptation of new technologies has also lead to the market growth more positively. According to the report analysis, ‘Market Research Reports for Furniture’ states that the technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality are playing significant role in the trade of furniture across the globe. Additionally, the trading of furniture is doing in a significant manner on the e-commerce platform leading the market growth meanwhile, the leading players are also their efforts by introducing more projects related to this industry for enhancing the mobility of the market.

The technology of augmented reality and virtual reality is both dominating the market of furniture most prominently whereas, the AR is rising rapidly in global furniture market which make significant purchase by the customers as with the e-commerce platform the consumers will not be able get the proper fitted furniture. But the established of this technology in this sector offers solutions of this problem and increase the trade of the furniture. Not only this, the consumer can re-manage the place of the furniture, change it color moreover, this technology enables so many opportunities of adding items to the cart and buy online. Hence, the numerous applications of the technology will pursue to turn up all the sectors of commercial area of the furniture market more significantly. Additionally, in USA and several nations of Europe, another same type of technology that has surfaced into this industry is virtual reality. This technology is tend to use digital assets or 3D models in order to produce interactive virtual work spaces. Such 3D models provide them to signify the product specification and display product nature. Moreover, with this technology the traders can show the entire set of production collections without maintaining huge stock in the warehouses. Moreover, the more upgradation and development in the technology with the effective innovations in the new and existing technology make the market more attractive and effective and will further lead to significant growth around the world.

In Europe and USA, the Apple take advantage of apple’s augmented reality services. Moreover, SERVEX US and sayduck are some other VR/AR leading players working on similar concept of refiguring the furniture industry whereas, the North America is accounted the highest market share in the AR furniture industry and doing significant improvement in the VR technology for acquiring effective market share in VR furniture industry. Not only has this, the Asia Pacific region is showing effective efforts in manufacturing the furniture with the applications of both the technology and expected to gain a huge amount of share in global furniture market. Furthermore, many of the key players are functioning more effectively for making the market more competitive which includes Kudan, Imaginate Technologies, Marxent Labs, Google, Apple and several others. Therefore, in the coming year it is expected that the furniture industry will grow more significantly across the globe with the more development in the AR/VR technology over the decades.

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