More Focus on Non-Residential Lighting and Connectivity through Mobile Devices is Expected to Flourish Indonesia LED Lighting Products Demand: Ken Research

Growing trade relation between China and Indonesia is expected to be helpful domestic producers to procure the LED components and products more easily

Rising Infrastructure and construction industry in the country is expected to raise the demand for LED lights to meet the public lighting needs

Efforts by APERLINDO together with the country’s government are expected to regulate the market and to raise the product standards

Though the LED lights market in Indonesia is at its infancy stage at present, it is expected to grow at a tremendous rate in the coming five years. Efforts taken by the government to attract more foreign investment to the market and also to promote domestic production is expected to be a growth driver to the market. A significant portion of investment made in the lighting market is made by few multinational companies in Indonesia. The leading company in the LED lighting market of the country is Philips, which is a multi-national company. The Indonesian government’s decision to replace the traditional advertising materials with LED displays and to put more efforts for raising consumer awareness and to spread the importance of energy-saving lighting options in the country are expected to boost the sales of LED lights in the country for non-residential use. The government is looking forward to replace the conventional printed billboards with LED displays. They have long-term plans to transform Jakarta similar to Tokyo, with huge flashing LED boards. Hence, Jakarta is expected to retain its dominant position in the market in the coming years.

Indonesia LED Lighting Market Research Report

The plans of the government to completely electrify the country by 2019 with energy efficiency lighting installations are expected to raise the demand for LED lights in the country for both indoor and outdoor applications. The tax incentives recently issued by the government on LED lights industry is expected to attract more foreign investments and encourage more domestic production of LED lights.

Ken Research in its latest study, Indonesia LED Lighting Market by Type (Lamps & Luminaires), By Usage (Indoor and Outdoor) and By Sector – Outlook to 2021, observed that the rising residential and commercial construction in the country and the government plans to reach 100% in the electricity penetration by 2020 shall foster the growth rate of LED lights market in the country. An emphasis on acquisitions, mergers and business alliances in the market, focus on constant upgradation of technologies and products, increased focus on the non-residential customers and implementation of a standard regulatory framework for the market shall support growth in the market.

The Indonesia LED lights market is estimated to register a positive CAGR during 2017-2021. Rising awareness activities, reduction in the prices, infrastructural developments, government initiatives, improved product offerings and similar other factors are expected to be key drivers for a growth in the demand for LED lights in the country.

The report provides information on the types of LED, its usage, types of luminaires, type of lamps, distribution channel and the regions dominating the market in terms of revenues. It also covers the major players in the market such as PT. Philips Indonesia, PT Panasonic Eco Solution, PT Honoris Industry, PT. Jaya Eco Energi,          PT. Solarens Ledindo, PT. Holz International Technology and PT. Sinar Angkasa Rungkut.

Key Topics Covered in the Report

LED Lamps Market Share

Indonesia Lighting Market

LED Lighting Industry Developments

Spotlight Market Indonesia

Global LED Lighting Market

For more information on the market research report please refer to the below link:

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Ken Research

Ankur Gupta, Head Marketing & Communications


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