Egypt Fitness equipment market is expected to generate revenue at a CAGR of ~8.5% in between 2021 and 2026 | Ken Research

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1. The Fitness Industry in Egypt contributed 0.1% of GDP in 2020 employing a Total of ~20,500 people in all types of Fitness Centre Establishments.

Egypt Fitness Industry

An increase in consumer spending and an increase in lifestyle diseases will drive the growth of health establishments and expand the coverage of fitness centres. Additionally, with rising income and more fitness awareness, consumers have shifted from being purely price sensitive to balancing price and performance, with an increasing willingness to pay for improved services. Moreover, higher demand has been observed among people for private training sessions and yoga sessions at their homes from certified professional trainers working as freelancers which helps to drive the demand for fitness services further.

2. The Fitness Market has a ripple effect on other sectors such as Fitness Equipment Industry, Construction, Real Estate, Apparel, Footwear, and Technology

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The demand for sports apparel and footwear is directly proportional to the growth of fitness centres and active members in the country. Initially, sports apparel was mostly worn by athletes but with time, it has become quite common with regular gym-goers & other non-athletes. Moreover, the rise of smartphones and mobile apps has made brand-customer interaction more convenient and accessible. As a result, gyms are taking advantage of this technology to reach out to members.

3. Egypt Fitness Equipment Market generated a revenue of $ ~50.0 Mn in 2020 majorly driven by an increasingly sedentary lifestyle and a rising number of fitness service providers

Egypt’s Fitness Equipment Market

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Egypt’s Fitness Equipment Market generated a revenue of $ ~50.0 Mn in 2020 driven by changing lifestyle of the population, a rise in sales of in-home equipment coupled with increasing inclination towards health and wellness in the country. Moreover, a sedentary lifestyle, limited or no time for physical activities, and consumption of junk food are responsible for obesity which is compelling people to resort to physical workouts, thereby expanding the fitness equipment market size. Additionally, an increase in the number of gymnasiums and fitness service providers offering various packages and discounts for weight loss and related programs has increased the client base. Furthermore, fitness Machines & Cardio training fitness equipment has dominated the overall fitness equipment market with Cairo and Alexandria having the majority of health clubs and gyms accounting for extensive revenues in Egypt’s fitness equipment market.

4. Initiatives such as National Sports Day and Annual sponsored fitness events like Ooredoo Marathon are taken up by the Government to Raise Awareness about Healthy Lifestyles and Physical Activity

Fitness Equipment Market

The Egyptian government’s aim is to increase community awareness about the importance of physical activity and boost the community’s capability to adopt healthy lifestyles, create a supportive healthcare environment, and encourage the involvement of local communities and civil society organizations in the promotion of health awareness programs. In recent years, various sports clubs and groups have emerged facilitating major sporting events like Cairo Marathon and Maadi Runners. The result has been mushrooming of free mass running events across Egypt promoting outdoor exercises with participation averaging around 2,500 runners and in large marathons with around 8,000 or more participants. Furthermore, the Egyptian government has planned to change the educational curriculum and structure of school timetables to accommodate more formal physical education with the hope to create a positive perception public towards health and fitness. In 2018, the Egyptian Prime Minister made it compulsory to have marked hours of physical training in schools which has positively affected the market.


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