The Increase in Demand for Perishables, Changes in Consumption Patterns, and the pandemic hit are driving the South Africa Cold Chain Market: Ken Research

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  1. Logistics and Shipping Industry was one of the worst-hit industries during the COVID-19 lockdown
SA Cold Chain Market

Due to the restriction on movement imposed during COVID-19, South Africa experienced a significant decline in the GDP growth rate. Job losses and pay cuts were observed during the pandemic year across industries along with the increasing preference of employees to work in a remote working environment. The advent of COVID-19 negatively impacted the financial condition of consumers and therefore, changes were seen in consumption patterns post Covid-19, and people have become more health conscious.

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  1. However, the pandemic has helped the cold chain market to grow as the requirement for pharmaceuticals and healthy food like citrus fruits has increased
SA Cold Chain Market Size

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, a considerable section of the global population has changed their eating patterns. An increase in retail spending can be seen due to an increase in the disposable income of the country’s population which will drive the development of cold storage and positively affect the market growth. The demand for citrus fruits and vegetables has been increasing as a result of the shift in consumption habits toward vitamin C.

  1. With the advanced Technology, Increasing Storage and Transportation Facilities and tying up with End User Companies will prove to be beneficial for Cold Chain Companies in near future
SA Cold Chain Market Outlook

Adopting automation and modern technologies, upgradation of cold transportation fleet, and increase in the number of cold storage warehouses in the country will prove to be beneficial for cold chain companies. The cold chain market is expected to be fueled by increasing demand for temperature-controlled products in the country, the entry of several new players, and government initiatives and programs. This will tremendously increase the cold chain business in the country.

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South Africa Cold Chain Market Outlook to 2026F: Ken Research


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