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Cellulose acetate is a chemical product introduced by the reaction of cellulose with acetic acid and acetic anhydride in the existence of a catalyst. Cellulose acetate is biodegradable and is utilized as a replacement of plastic in several industries. The product is commonly utilized in the production of cigarette filter, as it assists in eradicating tar and nicotine while maintaining favorable test to the smoker. Growing number of smokers specifically in emerging markets such as China and India, represent the foremost factor propelling the market. Some of the other foremost drivers include its growing demand in textiles and apparels, increasing uses of cellulose acetate in home furnishing products, and its growing application as biodegradable plastic in several other industries. The industry however faces some challenges like decreasing demand for photographic films and raising awareness of undesirable health impacts of smoking.


According to the report analysis, ‘Cellulose Acetate Market: Current Analysis and Forecast (2021-2027)states that Cellulose acetate is utilized in fibers, plastics, photographic films, lacquers and reverse osmosis or dialysis membranes. Awareness for clean and greener environment individuals are consuming products which biodegrades easily. Further, governments are taking several steps to confirm safety and integrity of the environment. Due to this, conventional non-biodegradable plastic bags are being substituted by the biodegradable bags which are made from cellulose acetate, hence with growing demand of biodegradable bags requirement for cellulose acetate would also escalate. Further, cellulose acetate-based reverse osmosis membranes entail an asymmetric polymer commonly utilized in the construction of RO membrane elements although it has high tight functioning requirements. Less fouling observance of cellulose acetate membrane is noted owing to its smooth surface. In addition, cellulose acetate membranes are effortlessly degraded by the bio-fueling.


Based on type, the cellulose acetate market is classified into fiber and plastic. Fiber category controls a considerable market share due to growing requirement for cigarette filter owing to increasing number of cigarette smokers around the globe and growing use of cellulose acetate in textiles and apparels industry owing to transforming trends in fashion industry.

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Based on application, the cellulose acetate market is categorized into cigarette filters, textiles & apparels, LCD & photographic films, tapes & labels, and several others. Among all, cigarettes filters control a lucrative market share. This is mainly due to surging requirement for cigarettes which is very common among the youth presently.


The increasing demand in the emerging markets such as Asia Pacific, Middle East Africa & South America is projected to increase the growth of the global cellulose acetate market. These markets register the requirement for cellulose acetate owing to the speedy industrialization associated with growing cigarette filters, textile & apparel, and several other applications. The growth of the market in such regions can be accredited to the developing economies, particularly India & China. As per the Direct China Chamber of Commerce, China’s textile and garment industry will introduce effective percentage of the global textile and apparel exports during the coming years.

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Global Cellulose Acetate Market Research Report

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