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Market research surveys are questionnaires that gather the responses from a target audience of clients. A brand utilizes the market research to recognise pain points, preferences, and interests of their clients. A market research survey seeks to comprehend the patterns in a provided market. Researchers might segregate markets reliant on geography, age, gender, or other demographics. Brands can then use Trend analysis, Conjoint analysis, and Turf analysis to analyse their findings and assist create actionable scenarios for their business.

What you can measure by using our market research survey?

  • PRODUCT: By assisting to validate the direction you are taking or alert you to any advancements you require to make, a product survey can guarantee you better able to meet you present and future clients’ predictions.
  • MARKET: Whether looking to launch a new business, shift into a new market, or develop your existence in a prevailing market, whatever your aims you will demand a degree of certainty about the market you are aiming on.
  • BRAND: Given the influence branding can have on client decisions, and their capability to differentiate among and recall the competing services or products, it is imperative to know your own brand is perceived.
  • AUDIENCE: Client research can assist you find the precise and correct audience for your services or products, recognise the key influences on purchasing behaviour, or understand the motivations, interests and attitudes of your target market.

At Ken Research, designing a customer satisfaction market survey is simple. Our online expert guides can assist you get began and walk you through every step of the procedure. You can generate a new survey from scratch or, if you require a bit of inspirational assistance, select one of our ready-made templates and customise it to suit your requirements. We are always available to propose support if you require a helping hand.

Gathering and analysing real-time data lets you recognise what really matters to your clients so that you can take instant action. You can export your data to Excel, Word, CSV and PDF, do text analysis on open-ended questions and utilize the advanced filtering and cross tabulation to get a clear understanding of the dissimilar segments in your market. Finally, when you have gathered all your data, you can utilize the helpful visuals, charts and graphs to communicate your findings to the individuals that matter.

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Importance of market research surveys

  • For identifying the prospective new clients
  • To understand the requirements of prevailing clients
  • To recognise and enter new markets
  • To propel the advancements to products and pricing
  • For measuring the awareness of brand.

The number one cause for businesses to conduct market research is to keep up to date with what clients want. With Ken Research’s advanced software, you can reach your target audience anytime, anywhere. By sending survey offers via email and SMS, sharing them on social media and implanting them directly into your website, you can gather applicable data and recognise the opportunities as they happen.

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