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The social research is an operative approach employed by the social researchers to learn associated to the people and societies so that they can designed products or services that attain the several requirements of the individual. The unrelated socio-economic groups belonging to the dissimilar portions of a region think contrariwise. The numerous factors of the individual behavior mandate to be addressed to define their thoughts and feedback associated to the social world, which can be done exploiting the social research.

The Ken Research essences in Nationwide and large scale investigations for non-profit, non-government organization, local government and central government across India, Asia Pacific, UAE, Saudi Arabia via telephone survey performs or statistically rigorous face-to-face or door to door sample survey approach or hybrid method (mix of any).
Program Monitoring & Evaluation, Need and Initiative Impact Assessment, Public Opinion, Public Policy effectiveness measurement, IEC research and designing are originated by Ken Research under Social Research Campaigns Ken Research manages a wide-ranging nationwide field agents that are competent, briefed and observed by local supervisors and partners via software and agent dashboard. This empowers for larger or more intricate surveys to be cost-effective and fast, nevertheless of whether they are done exploiting the CAPI or paper based methods (PAPI).

Ken Research as ‘Social Research and Social Market Research Company in India is engrossed on experiencing practical, tangible insight and learning. We design, offer, and construe bespoke, mixed-approach, innovative research to produce the sense of complex conditions. In addition, we utilize the approaches fluctuating from speedy evidence review, calls of evidence, interviews, surveys and aim groups to ethnographic methods and several others. We function to promptly scope what’s already well-known so we can aim on undergoing the fresh and interesting.

Social Research Services in India covers elements of approaches to analyse a range of social incidences such as an investigation of historical sites, census of the country, comprehensive analysis of research functioned to understand reasons for augmented reports of molestation around the country etc. Social Market Research Agencies distributes the accurate and timely information on the requirements, attitudes and motivations of a populace: It plays a vital social role, supporting our government and businesses to advance services, policies, and products that are reactive to an acknowledged need.

Although, it is crystal clear that the ‘Social Market Research Firms does not aim at discovery the significant truths. Rather, its emphases to comprehend and illuminate the behavior of individual, the social world he lives in, the communications he manages, the motivations which are exercised on him and the properties these have upon him and uninterruptedly, upon social organizations of which he is a share and through which his behavior is interceded.

Social Research Organizations in India delivers the authentic information to the individuals that are scientifically confirmed so that end users can rely upon it. It also chains us in finding the solutions to unrelated social problems. It purposes on the fact that if we are able to find the root cause of any issue, we can find the more competent solution to it.

In addition, we as a ‘Market Research Companies specialized in Social Research have a powerful team of experts that are well competent with understanding the societal issues and carry the support for Statistical and econometric Analysis of Data. The Ken Research has been functioning with well-known social workers, social scientists, researchers, health and enhancement economists who help in announcing the high-quality evidence on developmental effectiveness to improve the lives of deprived individuals around the globe.

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Social Research Organizations in India

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