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The E-Learning represents the delivery of educational material and learning through the digital resources. The initial scepticism surrounding it was bound to falter when the results presented that studying online can be just as proficient as studying in the classroom. Although the whole learning procedure is rely on principles of the formal education, it is delivered via an internet connected through electronic devices likewise tablets, computers and even smartphones. This makes it convenient for the students to admittance their online classes anywhere and anytime.

Growth in remote learning throughout the pandemic and requirement for low-cost convenient learning system positively impacts the Corporate E-learning Market Size. In addition, surge in usage of AI and machine learning in e-learning system boom up the growth of the market around the globe. However, aspects such as shortage of face-to-face interactions in the E-learning systems and demand for higher self-motivation restrict the e-learning market growth.

At Ken Research, E-Learning Industry Research Report delivers a comprehensive analysis of e-learning market globally. The report aims on entire market size in terms of revenue created by the e-learning entities, globally e-learning segmentation by the content services and technology services, by end users likewise corporate & government segment and many more.

E-learning Market Competitive Analysis states the high competition in the industry is forcing emerging players to introduce the innovative services for solidification their position and growing the market share.

Whereas, owing to the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), governments of a number of countries have publicized complete lockdowns as a precautionary measure to comprise the pandemic. As a result, countless educational institutions have moved to e-learning solutions to entire the curriculum. Similarly, other organizations are also swapping to virtual learning solutions to manage the social distancing. For instance, the World Health Organization (WHO) is conveying the online training courses to educate and train healthcare professionals about the linked risks while treating COVID-19 patients.

Apart from this, the significant growth in sales of smartphones, along with the growing penetration of wireless communication technologies, represent another growth-inducing aspect impelling the worldwide e-learning market growth. Furthermore, the proficient growth in adoption of precision and sustainable farming approaches is escalating the requirement for e-learning in the agriculture sector as it delivers easy admittance to educational content to the farmers. Not only has this, the integration of gamification approaches in e-learning modules is projected to generate a positive outlook for the market during the coming years.

These are some of the aspects that are projected to deliver lucrative opportunities for the market to grow. There are certain limitations and challenges faced which can limit the market growth. The inherent freedom proposed by e-learning will eventually deduct the employee’s self-discipline that can affect their working proficiency. This is probable to function as a market limitation.

Whereas, the E-learning has enabled countless organizations to decrease HR costs linked with the on-board training, recruitment, retaining, and engagement through an automated procedure. The increasing advances in technological infrastructure and the augment in investment from foremost organizations around the world are projected to fuel the growth of the market over the review period.

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