What is Long Term Solution Based Engagement Model: Ken Research

In the simplest of terms, an engagement model is a schedule that is going to shape the relationship between you and the supplier you choose for the time of your project. It also lays out how the payments are to be dealt with, to the degree that the terms “engagement model” and “pricing model” have become synonymous.

Ken Research progressively offers a flexible work pattern to propose proficient and personalized solutions to several clients relying on their diverse requirements, whether continuous or propelled by ad-hoc research projected. We understand that the ultimatums of each client are unique and vary over the duration, propelled by business dynamics, transforms triggered by the precise events and transformations in the external or target market surroundings and several others. We build Long Term Solution Based Engagement Model that matches the demands of our consumers with the promise of conveying high-quality products. The entity confirms that our consumers can aim more on their core business, advance customer relations, and enlarge their customer base. This tends to create a high return on investment to our clients and distribute them a complete level of satisfaction. Another gain of our participation models is that customers have superior control and convenience to hurriedly increase or decrease their team size utilizing our services in percentage to their business.


Ken Research progressively offers a superior amount of flexibility to our clients by consenting them to ramp up the size of their outsourced team depending upon their flow of projects, work burden, deadlines which won’t disturb the fixed cost module of their total operational expenses. The On-Demand Capacity Addition model is usually preferred by clients that have an unpredictable workflow and require on-demand funding on a recurring basis.

Ken Research assists as a stretched research team for the client, conveying the services across the spectrum, exactly from topics such as data management to wide-ranging topics such as financial and investment research services. We propose complete flexibility to the client to engross our resources entirely for their projects. Full Time/Retainer Model is perfectly suitable for clients in the business of financial services and consulting that has a steady flow of research exertion, that they could outsource and to corporate clients that have necessities for a ready team to handle their investor relations services without adding fixed costs, as well as sustenance their fund-raising program. For example,

Brokerages, Investment banks have an on-going prerequisite for daily news analysis, company research (initiation and maintenance), thematic research, market aptitude, investment banking support, and several others. Private equity firms and asset managers demand on-going assistance for thematic research, idea generation, screening, monitoring, updates, etc. Consulting firms and Corporate have a mix of on-going and on-demand work interrelated to investor relation services and pitch deck preparation.

A dedicated model of Custom Research Report Services certifies that the clients get unremitting support from our team. In this model the turnaround time is closer and the client benefits by having the identical set of analysts working on their requirements. The clients are guaranteed that they are receiving timely services at the maximum quality. This is a sooner and a more efficient way to scale up and have total control over the team without undertaking heavy sincere investment.

Ken Research accepts all risks for project delivery and accepts complete leadership and control of the project on behalf of the customers. We can work out other appropriate engagement models if required. Please contact us today to discourse more on this.

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