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Lead generation software or tool is characterized as a marketing process with the aim of stimulating & capturing the customer interest in various products or services in order to build a sale pipeline. Digital channels are frequently used for lead generation and advent of new online lead-generation techniques has brought noteworthy changes. Large quantity of information available online has encouraged many buyers and new tools prequalify the visitors prior to directing them to the sales team. B2B Lead Generation Software Platform designed to assist with the capturing leads. It is an automated process and user-friendly. Lead generation software comes in a variety of forms and serves numerous different purposes. There are various types of lead generation platforms, which are used for B2B lead generation.  These platforms may be inbound lead generation tools, outbound lead generation tools, on-page lead generation tools, CRO tools, Marketing management tools, email marketing tools and search marketing tools. Our inbound lead generation tools help to drive the leads to your website. Outbound lead generation tools helps to find and messages the leads via calls, email and social media. An on-page lead generation tool helps to capture the leads by your lead capture forms or websites. Marketing management tools measures the performance to increase lead generation campaigns and target the quality leads. Email marketing tools create enriching campaigns to retain prospects and move forward on the buyer journey. Additionally, search marketing tools help to increase the traffic that stems from paid & organic search to enhance the on-site leads.

Lead Generation Websites help the website visitors gather information about them for your business. It is more than a digital brochure. It is an experience that educates & nurtures the prospects. Some of the key rules to build a lead generation websites: Document current performance metrics & analyze existing site over its history such as number of visits, bounce rat and time-on-site. Second rule is to use the marketing software to track your efforts. Third rule is to determine your goals, your product/services and others. Forth rule is to analyze the competition to see how you compare and based on your research; create an action list of areas that you can improve and what you can do differently from your competitors. Fifth rule is design your lead generation website around your personas. Sixth rule is to identify various opportunities for conversion, which means having a calls-to-action (CTAs) to drive the website visitor to take the action such as subscribing to an email newsletter, offering a free eBook, and purchasing the product etc. The seventh rule is to use effective calls-to-action that clearly tell the prospect what to do next. Place them where they can be seen better and use contrasting colors to make them stand out from the rest of your website. Also, the final rule is that when updating your website, it’s important to consider loading time. People just won’t get stuck on a lazy loading site. Security is also important as search engines have already started penalizing unsafe websites.

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