Fluorene is also identified as 9H-fluorene. It is a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon that appears in the white crystals form. It exhibits various characteristics for instance to give aromatic odor similar to that of naphthalene. It is very combustible and attains a violet fluorescence. It is basically obtained from the coal tar, which is highly used for commercial applications. Furthermore, it is soluble in many organic solvents and insoluble in water. Fluorene is mainly utilized in the production of functional resins, chemical intermediates, OLEDs, photoreceptors, optical materials, etc.

Fluorene is generally used in the preparation of dyes including 2-aminofluorene, 2, 7-diiodofluorene, and 3,6-bis-(dimethylamino) fluorine as well as resins. It acts as a pioneer to the other fluorene compounds and to prepare the fluorenone. It is used in the study of the mining of specific semiconducting single-wall carbon nanotubes. Its polymer and polyfluorene finds application in electro-luminescent and solar cells. Additionally, it is used as a luminophore for the inorganic light-emitting diodes.

As per analysis, “Global Fluorene (CAS 86-73-7) Market, 2021-2027” the key companies operating in the global fluorene market include Huanghua Xinnuo Lixing Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., Baoshun Technology Co., Ltd., Sankuaishi Chemical Factory, DEZA a. s., Anshan Beida Industry Co., Ltd., Shandong Aoertong Chemical Co., Ltd., JFE Chemical Corporation, Zoucheng Qifa Chemical Co., Ltd. and among others.

Fluorene is used in various industries likeelectrical & electronics industries and dyes industries. The dye & pigment manufacturing industries account largest revenue in total chemical manufacturing-related industries. It is estimated that the demand for fluorene will increase during the forecast period due to the increasing need for dyes and pigments for various applications. By expanding at a healthy rate of growth, the electrical and electronics segment is expected to offer a significant additional opportunity over the forecast period. Demand for other industrial applications is likely to remain moderate to high in several regions.

Growth in electrical & electronic industry across the world is major factor, which is responsible for growth of the market. In India, the electronics industry is considered to be one of the fastest growing industries, both in terms of manufacturing and exporting. Therefore, the robust growth of electronics industry, especially in India and China, is likely to boost the fluorene market in the near future. Moreover, rise in usage of fluorene by the end-use industries is also pushing the fluorene market.

Based on regional analysis, the Asia-Pacific is a leading region in Global Fluorene Market owing to rise in disposable income and growth in middle-class population across the region. In addition, adoption of high-end technology devices and declining electronics prices is also contributing to the growth of the industry. The Europe and North-America regions are estimated to exhibit substantial growth rate due to increase in investments in the dye industries coupled with emergence of new manufacturers over the forecast period. It is predicted that future of the global fluorene market will be bright as a result of growth in electrical & electronic industry during the forecast period.

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Global Fluorene (CAS 86-73-7) Market Report 2021-2027

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