Rising Disposable Income Positively Driving the Luggage and Bags Market Outlook: Ken Research

The luggage and bags industry are observing innovation propelled by the addition of the tracking system, automated locking, and the Bluetooth applications generating the niche smart luggage and bags market. Whereas, the luggage and bags are a passenger’s personal belongings carried while traveling onboard an aircraft, bus or ship, whether checked or unchecked.

Reliant on the innovation of tracking system in luggage and bags, countless luggage and bags corporates and crowd-funded start-ups are adding the tech applications to the luggage products to the address that stagnant innovation. The term “smart luggage” is broadly utilized for bags and suitcases with several tech-savvy features such as Wi-Fi hotspots, SIM cards, GPS, Bluetooth, RFID, built-in batteries, and digital scaling. The focus is not to just add applications to the luggage, but to make it user-friendly in practical applications. Such benefits are propelling luggage companies to incorporate technology applications into their suggesting to stay in the ever-changing business world. The foremost luggage corporates such as Blue smart, Samsonite, and Delsey are contributing in the incorporation of technology into their products and offer improved tech-savvy applications to the customers.

The Travel Luggage and Bags Market Share is projected to boom, with new advances and availability of air travel, the global Luggage and Bags Market Sales Size has renovated itself by offering small lightweight, colorful and stylish bags that cater to the countless needs of the travelers. The increasing travel and tourism industry, growth in migration of population, and growing disposable income are propelling the growth pace. Discount selling, comfort, replacement of the bags, expediency in choice through e-commerce is acknowledged as foremost trends of the market. People are traveling owing to the augment in their disposable incomes. This has opened the doors for fresh predictions for market players.

Based on the Luggage and Bags Market Research Report, the significant growth travel and tourism has intensified the requirement for travel bags. Besides, augment in urbanization, changes in lifestyle, and ultimatum for innovative products such as polycarbonate luggage is further anticipated to impel the global travel bag market amongst 2017 and 2023. Augment in purchasing power of middle-class households particularly in the developing regions is anticipated to generate more requirement for premium and fashionable travel bags in the region. The advancement in technology such as improvement of smart luggage with GPS system tracker is also predicted to expand the growth of entire market during the review period (2017-2023).

During recent years, economic stability and the resultant augment in disposable incomes of the populace have led to growth of the travel & tourism industry around the region, with suggestively increasing trends of domestic travel and family vacations over weekends. The realistic air fares for domestic travel have also led to augmenting the traffic of business personnel in air transport, most notably around the U.S. The short duration of such trips has led to the requirement for smaller and convenient travel goods, comprising bags, such as duffle bags, trolleys, and backpacks. The further growth of the travel industry in the region is projected to have significant impacts on the growth of the travel bags market throughout the forecast period.

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