Growth in Smart Farming Technology Expected to Drive China Agriculture Market: Ken Research

China represents world’s rapid expanding agricultural market as it evolves to meet the consumption demands of china’s domestic market. The main food crops are wheat, rice, and corn, followed by kaoliang (a type of sorghum), potatoes, millet, and soybeans. Country is the world’s primary producer of rice, which is a dominate crop in the south China. Some places of country produce double crops of rice. The majority of crops for export are grown in the coastal areas. These areas have comparatively good roads & access to ports used for exporting produce. Apart from this, China is also a top market for dairy imports. The country’s consumption of dairy products is growing fast that make China the most dynamic segment of the global dairy market. Rising demand for healthy foods is driving higher fruit & tree nut sales. Country is the world’s third major fresh fruit importer.

As per study, China Agriculture Market Trends, Statistics, Growth, and Forecasts China focuses on improving the quality of production to balance out country’s supply & demand of crops. China’s agriculture imports activities are mainly driven by rise in income & living standards, followed by increase in food safety concerns and growth in urbanization. Production of cotton & other plant-based fibers are also likely to expand over time mainly through the productivity growth, but it will also go down behind the domestic demand. Fiber imports will rise due to gradually falling self-reliance levels, just like other crops. Increasing the importation of fibers is essential to meet the demand from countries rapidly increasing textile & apparel sector, which has created, and will persist to generate & employment for millions of people from the rural areas.

Growth in income, urbanization, and market liberalization has considerably changed Chinese diet & consumption patterns. Per capita consumption of fruits & vegetables, edible oil, milk, sugar, meat, and fish in both rural & urban areas has augmented steadily as income increased. Urbanization further fuels the domestic average consumption of these commodities. Increase in demand and changes in food consumption pattern have resulted in significant changes in domestic agricultural production. Country’s experience shows that the value of both domestic & external policies in achieving the sustainable growth. This experience also demonstrates that technological changes, institutional innovation (particularly land tenure), market reform, and infrastructure development are important to meeting its rising demand and the improvement of the country’s food security.

It is projected that China agriculture market will be reached at rapid pace due to modern agriculture platform coupled with smart farming technology including drone & satellite imagery and pattern modeling during the forecast period. With the aid of agri-tech along with new business model that is driven by digital innovation through whole agricultural value chain, small farmers can benefit from a vast & supportive ecosystem. Additionally, new agriculture digital services enable the full product traceability, giving consumers the ability to scan the code to distinguish information on farm location, yield date and sustainability.

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