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Croatia is a country with the rich experience & tradition in the agricultural development. Distinguishing the role of agricultural sector in the national economy of Croatia country, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry decided, with the support of UN Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) to formulate the approach of sustainable agricultural development, in accordance with the provisions of the establishment of the republic of country regarding the development of economy on the market principles. Key fundamental goal of the strategy is encouraging of more efficient production or marketing of agricultural products in a significant way to enhance the safety of farmers & customers, contributing to the growth of Croatian national economy, protecting the natural resources of Republic of Croatia and ensuring the competitiveness of country’s agriculture on the global market. In achieving this objective particular emphasis should be given to family farms, which are the basis of Croatian agriculture. Therefore, the strategy characterizes the concept of sustainable development of country’s agriculture as an integrated approach to countrywide development, with its goals like righteousness, efficiency, and sustainability being carefully integrated into the coherent and operational framework.

As per study, Croatia Agriculture Market Trends, Statistics, Growth, and Forecasts the Croatian government focuses particular attention on providing the food to the whole population and supplying of the market with ample contingents of superior quality products. Thus the Republic of country is ready to accept all ideas regarding the security of nutrition, and give full support to its organization.

Croatia is a self-sufficient country in the production of corn, poultry, wheat, eggs, and wine. Country has favorable conditions for the production of numerous other agricultural products. Nevertheless, imports of agricultural products continue to grow. Although country’s agriculture sector only contributes about 4 & to GDP, the importance of farming production is higher than its GDP share indicates. The immense majority of country is rural territory (approximately 92 percent) and regarding half of country’s population lives in the rural areas.

The Croatian market for imported agriculture products is dominated by the European suppliers.  Unrecorded trans-shipments from other European suppliers’ expected makes U.S. imports higher than the amounts recorded in the authorized statistics. U.S. products with fine prospects include animal feed & feed ingredients, animal genetics, seafood, wine, pork, fruits & vegetables, pet food and a variety of snack and convenience foods.  At present, for human consumption, only GMO-free products are adequate in Croatia country.

Croatia is an outstanding market for U.S. fish & seafood exports. Country’s fish processing industry & fish breeding is also expanding and therefore demands more feed for the tuna breeding. Promising areas for U.S. exporters include fish requirement for tuna production, fish for the local fish processing industry, mackerel and sardines. The small blue fish is most consumed fish type on the national market. However, owing to changing nutritional habits, customer demand has augmented significantly for salted fish production, such as anchovies, smoked fish (eel, smoked sea bass, and freshwater fish), frozen fish, fish pâté, marinated fish, and others. It is estimated that future of the Croatia agriculture market will be bright as a result of increase in irrigational facilities during the forecast period.

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