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Market research is a wide process in which the producers, direct & indirect customers and users ensure to get linked together with the aid of information that is used to learn a variety of marketing opportunities & threats. With the aid of right kind of marketing search teams, an organization can learn about its SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis. The essence of any type of market research depends completely on the consumer behavior. The more we keep ourselves attentive and lie in its immediacy the better will be the result.

Indian Market Research Agencies focus primarily on investigating markets, understanding the consumers and conceptualizing products developments. There are 3 different types of market research agencies: custom market research companies, syndicated market research companies, online market research companies and specialty market research companies. Ken Research is one of the Top Market Research Agencies in India that uses various quantitative & qualitative methodologies ranging from the traditional focus groups and in-depth interviews to Computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) surveys and internet-based research. Apart from this, our company also provides outsourcing services such as subscription services, lead generation, recruitment services, transport support, market intelligence & update services, market entry, survey analysis, Go-to market strategy, due diligence among others. Our company can help you to evaluate all the actions that have been taken to increase the marketing of your product/services or business, to solve all kinds of marketing problems, explain the location where your product can get an increased demand, define opportunities that can be grabbed by your business, connect you with clients in a much better & easier way. We have a highly qualified team, who are dedicated to driving the success through innovation strategy in the market research field.

Our company is at the top level in Indian Research Agencies. We provide perceptive custom & syndicated market research with consulting services to our customers. Our customized approach ensures that our customers achieve unparalleled competitive lead in their respective domains. Our company covers all the main areas of marketing including spanning B2B & industrial research, brand research, corporate & employee research, social research, media research, channel & retail research, pricing research, product & packaging research, and business-specialized consumer research.

We perform detailed secondary research from the news articles, white papers, research journals, annual reports, conference presentation, and government reports. Our analysts undertake key research by conducting many interviews & discussions with C level executives, regulatory bodies, managers, academicians, and other industry veterans & stakeholders. Primary research enables us to provide the detailed competitive intelligence like market share analysis, strength & weakness analysis, cross company comparison, and elaborate company profiles to our customers. We take responsibility of our data by performing sanity checks at a variety of stages of our research. We use our widespread primary & secondary research along with scenario analysis, sensitivity analysis, and multi-factor regression analysis to provide a future forecast & strategic recommendations for existing organizations in the business as well as for potential new entrants.  Our reports have also proved to be essential to decision making for manufacturers, investors, and industry associations as well as to government institutions by enabling them to recognize disrupting business models, revenue streams with success & failure case studies, pain points, gap analysis, due diligence, entry strategy, and investment plant model.

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