We Assist in Providing Both Customers and B2B Lead Generations: Ken Research

Lead generation is a process of attracting potential leads to our website and persuading them to convert on an offer. If we have more leads than better our chances of making sales. Online lead generation is a process of attracting & engaging leads. We want prospective clients for finding our contents, sign up for your email list, follow us on social media, and pay attention to what others say about our company.

In the B2B space or Business to Business space, LinkedIn is a preferred social network by CEOs. With its business enterprise platform & career-centric approach to social networking, it has become a prime spot for professionals and brands to share content. For B2B lead generation organizations, LinkedIn is a valuable tool that drives approximate 80% of B2B social media leads. Ken Research LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation marketing strategy utilizes hash tags, creates long-form posts with useful tips, tag people & companies that we want to engage & posting short videos.

 There are various ways to use LinkedIn for B2B lead generation including:

To generate B2B leads from our LinkedIn company page

To create showcase pages to section LinkedIn leads

To build the quality connections lots of them

To create own LinkedIn groups

To share newsworthy content every day

To create contemplation leadership content

Back it up by data journalism

To turn our best content into the sponsored content

To target high-value prospects by Programmatic Display Ads

Besides the LinkedIn, we also have big advertising budget for generating leads on the Internet. Internet marketing strategy does work for small & micro-sized businesses. The Internet & related tools such as email that can help our company to locate new leads, drive traffic to a brick & mortar location, convert leads to customers, and sell directly online.

Both sales and marketing require working together. It is possible to convert the bottom funnel lead to the Online Customer Lead without ever concerning our sales team. We require best practices to generate leads across all industries & audiences. Some of the best practices are offer unique contents, create & optimize our conversion funnel, automate our digital marketing, establish healthy relationships with our prospects, define best type of lead magnets for our audience, offer value to our visitors, be active on social media channels, create a free tool, host a webinar, start guest post strategy on related blogs, create a free tool, A/B testing & CTA buttons or design, increase direct engagement with email marketing sequences and optimize our landing, home and other key pages etc.

Ken research also provides consulting, application development, managed IT support, and IT staffing and recruiting for companies of all sizes.  Moreover, as the part of ongoing inbound marketing efforts, our company also does a lot of work on SEO keyword research with new content creation to help get the site found in search engines that drove a lot more visitors to our website.

For More Information, refer to below link:-

Global Lead Generation Websites

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Ken Research
Ankur Gupta, Head Marketing & Communications

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