Social Research Organizations in India: Ken Research

Research is an effective tool to support and influence decision making. Those functioning in the sector utilize their knowledge and proficiency to deliver the organizations with the confirmation demanded to make conversant, confident opportunities. It is essential for all the forms of organizations, involving businesses, the government, and the third segment. Research is significantly utilized in a variety of dissimilar forms and it is an essential portion of the marketing cycle.

Ken Research as effective Social Research Organizations in India is focused on experiencing practical, tangible insight and learning. We design, provide and construe bespoke, mixed-approach, innovative research to generate a sense of complex conditions. In addition, we utilize the approaches varying from speedy evidence review, calls of evidence, interviews, surveys, and aim groups to ethnographic approaches and several others. We function to speedily scope what’s already well-known so we can am on experiencing the fresh and interesting.

Social Research Organisations in India

Not only has this, but Ken Research also concentrates on Nationwide and great scale surveys for non-profit, non-government organization, indigenous government, and central government across India, Asia Pacific, UAE, Saudi Arabia with the benefit of telephone survey performances or statistically laborious face-to-face or door to door sample survey method or hybrid method (mix of any). Program Monitoring & Evaluation, Necessity and Initiative Impression Assessment, Public Opinion, Public Policy efficacy measurement, IEC research, and designing are commenced by Ken Research under Social Research Campaigns Ken Research preserve extensive countrywide field agents that are trained, briefed, and observed by local supervisors and partners via software and agent dashboard. This permits for larger or more compound surveys to be cost-effective and fast, nevertheless of whether they are done utilizing CAPI or paper-based methods (PAPI).

Our work is reinforced by a commitment to confirming that taking part in the research is a sanctioning observation. The usage of the analytical frameworks support us to test hypotheses, explore research interrogations, and recognize the tangible insights and learning which take our research productivities from the descriptive, to pragmatic. Moreover, we function from the outset to improve the recommendations that have buy-in from accurate individuals to make them happen. Performing with several entities we support you to interconnect your research findings in a clear and compelling manner.

Ken Research offers a variety of products and services for the organizations included in the social and cultural space. We cater to several clients from the following verticals such as

The populace, family welfare, and planning,

Microfinance companies

Rural and Urban development

Environmental status

Healthcare institutions

Women empowerment

Health and nutrition

Defense and security mechanism

Housing finance support services

Resident survey

Furthermore, we have a sturdy team of experts that are well competent with understanding the societal situations and deliver support for Statistical and econometric Analysis of Data. Ken Research has been functioning with renowned social workers, social scientists, researchers, health, and improvement economists who support generating high-quality evidence on developmental effectiveness to develop the lives of deprived people across the globe.

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