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The Business expansion strategy is well adopted by different organizations as this entire attempt to achieve over the higher growth in comparing the past achievements. Moreover, in other words firm always aims to grow by broadening the desired scope of business growth. The operations in any business are modified as per the perspective of customer groups, functions and technology alternatives available individually or the jointly. Moreover, most of the companies have an aim to grow up their business by increasing the sales and profits. There have been continuous developments of new innovative methods that companies must use for implementing a growth strategy. The methods must clearly define steps to expand your business globally and largely dependent over the financial situation, competition and any other government regulation. In addition, some of common growth strategies related to business expansion further include the strategies associated to market penetration, market expansion, product expansion, diversification and acquisition and many others.

Market Expansion or Development

The market expansion growth strategy it is one of the key market strategy which often called as market development, entailing and selling the current products over new market. There are further several reasons that any company prefers to consider the market expansion strategy. Moreover, the competition related process which may have no option other than growth within the current market. The most appropriate growth strategy for any business depends on the stage business is in and the resources that are currently available or preferred. The market expansion considers about the investments related to money, time, and expertise.

A small company may expand the product line or adding the new features for increasing the sales and profits. Thereby, small companies prefer the product expansion strategy within the existing market. Growth strategies in business can further include merger and acquisition. In acquisition, one company purchases the other company for expanding the operations. A company may use such type of strategy to expand its product line development and entering in new markets. Moreover, the discovering and promoting new ways for the products or the service development allows boosting existing customer’s interest to buy more products or service. It can also help in attracting the new customers that might need products over the different reasons.

The growth through Mergers and acquisitions further refers to the transactions between the two companies that agree on combining in some form. Moreover, the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) were used interchangeably. The mergers and acquisitions are quite important as a component of the strategic management as it deals in buying, selling, dividing and combining over the various companies. It is a type of restructuring, with an aim to grow over rapid increase and profitability designed to capture a greater proportion of market share. It is vital to have market knowledge that is critical to have success, and consisting of the developing insights over the target customers, assessing the relevance, offerings, sales processes and any other offering designed over the delivery requirements. Moreover, the merged firms also have more resources and expertise in handling the powerful clients.

Strategic partnerships permit firms to take benefit of the expertise & experience of existing corporations and promote supporting the growth through mergers & acquisitions (M&A) in foreign markets. A strategic partnership and international partnership entails greater direct investment than exporting to few other markets making it a first step in the worldwide expansion. Global association can utilize the local brand equity for introducing it to foreign goods with built-in credibility.

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