Consumer Preferences to Drive China Beer Industry over Forecast Period: Ken Research

Beer consists of fermented beverages that manufactured from malt with an alcohol content of more than 0.5% as well mix drinks. There are numerous brands of beers that are available on tap or in bottle/can as per the rise in demand from consumers. In addition there are various fresh flavours, premium products and attractive packaging launched by new players in order to acquire more market share. China has the considerable large beer consumption in the world and beer remains the top alcoholic beverage consumed in China.

The big beer companies are further concentrated in China’s eastern, central and northeast regions. Moreover, the saturated market, companies are competing to serve the urban consumers over well-established sales channels that include supermarkets, restaurants and clubs. The promising strategies also consists of introduction of high-end products in China’s urban markets and launching low-cost but still high-quality products in rural areas. To capitalize the advancements within China’s rural markets, beer companies started offering low-cost but significantly high-quality beers that can be refined and upgraded.

According to report, “Risk Evaluation of Chinas Beer Industry 2014-2019 ” Some of the key players operating in the market include Anheuser-Busch In Bev China, – Beijing Yanjing Beer Company Limited, Carlsberg China, China Resources Snow Breweries Ltd., and Tsingtao Brewery Co., Ltd.

The considerable growth in preference of for the Chinese for imported premium beers adding huge opportunities to be opened up for the foreign breweries for entering in the market. As the imported brands expected to sell at a much larger price as compared to the domestic beer, distributors and retailers that set aim of getting bigger profits.

Based on different segments the beer market is divided into three segments. Mass-consumed beer is the largest sector, accounting for more than 90% of the market. These are the domestically brewed ones, commonly inexpensive and fed on with the aid of using human beings throughout all earnings levels. Chinese breweries are domestically fragmented, with nearby manufacturers dominating smaller market. There have been common objective for the larger beer manufacturers for acquiring small share over local manufacturers in order to increase the overall market shares. For those reasons, and owing to robust guide for home producers, overseas producers are additionally discovering it tough to make investments within the beer production segment.

Consumers progressively have a tendency to pick out beer with excessive great as opposed to low prices. The growing call for extra top rate beer services in China is being pushed via way of means of the country’s young, E-trade and modern answers for domestic deliveries in China is growing comfort for consumers. Digital marketing encourages Chinese alcohol merchants to be present on different social networks.

Based on type of beer preference market is segmented into Leisure beers that are imported brews, more expensive and with higher alcohol content. The demand of craft beer in the country is having a least share of the market moreover the craft beer is a result of the Chinese drinkers’ shift from macro/mass-consumed brews to more premium and craft flavours. Moreover, the China further continues to be one of the prime markets for the imported beer. The demand for the better-quality beers is further expected to rise over younger and wealthier consumers are keeping up with the new trends that embrace the modern lifestyle.

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