We Support HR Services Using Advanced Technologies: Ken Research

Over the years, we have built credibility & have emerged as a HR service partner of choice with many multinationals & Indian organizations. We have in place our robust processes ensuring the utmost quality with consistency in all assignments that we undertake. We have well developed and enduring relationships with our clients, top HR companies in India, Manpower recruitment services in India, candidates and continuously seeking insights for delivering the work value.  We serve with a team of passionate professional consultants who are there to assist businesses that wish or propose to expand and optimize their local operations. We also offer personalized multicultural solutions to businesses across all industries. Our HR outsourcing services includes all activities carried out over an entire duration of employee life-cycle, right from on boarding to retirement or the outplacement. We have partnered with client organizations to fully assist in the transformation of their HR model for bringing out maximum value to the business. We have keen attention towards improvement, we use industry proven best practices, edge technology, and apply our skills and experience in delivering the right solutions for all unique needs.

As per our service portfolio we understand all the specific requirements of our clients and provide them with all prospective candidates that suit the job profile. The process we follow starts by collecting resumes for each job profile, shortlisting them and forwarding them to our clients. Attaining the HR goal helping your HR department to focus on screening the resumes according to merit and arranging interviews. We also help in the process of selection that can drive success in business instead of merely engaging in managerial tasks. We are joined with all top job portals, LinkedIn, and Internal Database which are our sources of collecting data of candidates whose profiles exactly matches with the job requirements. Our procedure of screening, verification of background and making the correct assessment. We have done numerous corporate workshops with numerous companies. Our recruitment specialists are trained for acknowledging special requirements of every job role. They find candidates based on their qualification and competencies, they also contest their relevance to a particular job. Besides, we also have scientific, algorithm-based search methodology also helps to filter eligible candidates from our enormous database.

Our job consultants work closely with the client’s HR team and offering all time support at every step of the way. In doing so, we further leave no stone unturned for analyzing the key requirements and source candidates making a custom fit for the organization. The team also establishes direct contact with the candidate and guides until joining formalities are completed. Our customized service gives us an added advantage over other competitors with our consultants is trained to offer the best recruitment and staffing solutions. Instead of searching for candidates based on set criteria, we try to understand and analyze the context of every job role. We also focus on the structure and operational procedures of organization that we serve. It also helps us in finding candidates that are made to the measure, which in turn assist in building retention rate and allowing candidates to accustom to the workplace easily.

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