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Campus Recruitments have become an Integral part of Hiring Exercise for Organizations globally to acquire Fresh Talent at Entry Level. Companies religiously devote considerable time in planning and executing the elaborate Process of Campus Recruitments so much so that there is a dedicated Campus Team in place for most of the Fortune 500 Global Organizations. One quarter of the financial year is consumed in gathering the Campus A.S.K. from various Business Lines which denotes the percentage of Recruits to be hired from various Target Campuses for the various Business Service Lines. Another quarter is consumed in coordinating and executing the planned On-Campus and Off-Campus Recruitments which by itself is a Multi-layered process involving the different focal stakeholders. The third and fourth quarter is relatively consumed in implementing strategic Campus Engagement activities for the benefit of fostering long-standing associations with the various Target Campuses. This the exhaustive gamut of On-Campus Recruitments and Off-Campus Recruitments clearly sheds light on the Huge Significance of Freshers/Young Talent who are sought after by Organizations across for the tremendous Value Add they bring to the table.

It is a notable fact that Organizations chart out customized Induction Programs for their new recruits, specifically more focussed in the case of Campus Recruits. The Program is marked by an entire week of Orientations and Extensive Training for the freshers to successfully facilitate the transition from Campus to Corporate. This involves a considerable cost factor and time factor for organizations in terms of the Mentors, Business Heads, and Trainers anchoring several different sessions. The big question here is would it be feasible for Organizations to eliminate the Transition Programs and have the recruits directly kick start their Key Responsibility Areas from day one?

Although there would be opposing viewpoints to the above question, the underlying fact beneath the whole ecosystem of Training, Transition Programs and Orientations is that Freshers are not a Hundred Percent Job-ready. Students are given a flavor of Corporate dynamics during their Graduation and Post- Graduation through Internship Programs which smoothens their Transition to Corporate Life to a small extent, a however not fully though. Educational Academia does not offer a Holistic Exposure to Business Concepts and Applications to students which limits them from becoming Job ready. Organizations universally opine that freshers in today’s age have easy access to endless opportunities making them more inclined towards Fast Track Growth and higher salaries with slightly lower tolerance towards handling deadly work pressures and workplace challenges. The restlessness and intolerance amongst Freshers are witnessed through the hasty resignations within 3 months of joining which in turn affects the Organization’s attrition rate. These worrisome signs propel companies to invest heavily in creating the Culture, Vision, and Role Alignment for Freshers for effective performance and organizational Connect for Tenure Longevity. With economic uncertainties plaguing around, Candidates and Organizations are placing a heavy focus on Upskilling and Reinventing which could definitely pave an Optimistic Path for times to come.

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