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For decades together, Recruitment and Hiring have been synonymous with the word “Talent” for obvious reasons as it denotes Skillset, Aptitude, Knowledge, Knack, Proficiency, and all things efficiently Sundry possessed by the Candidate who gets christened to the Title of an Employee upon joining an organization. It is an undeniable fact that Talent is the driving force of an organization. Talent Acquisition and Talent Management are two supremely key functions which can break or make an organization. It is only natural and justified for Organizations to constantly reinvent and re-strategize revolutionary policies and mechanisms to stay on top of their game and stride through business challenges and uncertainties.

Having said that, the next ponderable question would be if Hiring Talent is the only key to Organizational Success? As there are two sides to a coin, this question may open doors for different points of Contention but shall garner one Universal agreement on Hiring the Right Talent for Organizational Success. The dynamics of Talent Acquisition have also been taking a paradigm shift with Organizations focussing more on hiring candidates who are a better Culture and Values fit than a mere Skillset fit. This could be attributed to the Robust Training Interventions and L&D programs devised by organizations to bridge gaps in the required areas. Employees with an Organizational Goal/Vision/Culture alignment shall be key players with a focused upward sloping performance.Top Recruitment Services Company in India

Organizations are focussing on offering the efficient performers a clear Growth Path and Positive Employee Experience at every stage to facilitate a Positive Connect and Alignment with the organization thereby keeping them motivated. On the other hand, Employees with Misaligned Organizational Goals and poor Organizational Connect shall not be able to deliver their best despite recurrent training and any number of Reviews. Organizations have realized the significance of investing considerable time and effort in the layered Hiring process to identify their best fit. With advanced Gamified Assessments in the Recruitment process in recent times, Talent Acquisition is only getting more strategic and pervasive in its dynamics.

The recent Covid19 aftermath has severely impacted Organizational Plans of organizations globally, more specifically their Hiring Plans. With Work-from-Home (WFH) being the new normal for employees across geographies, Recruitment processes are also getting transformed to ensure Compatibility in alignment with changing Business and Organizational scenarios. Automation has become a savior in anchoring efficient and optimized hiring processes. Just as important it is for an organization to offer a Positive Employee Experience to key employees to ensure sustained levels of motivation and performance, it is equally important to offer a Positive Candidate Experience with the applicants during the recruitment process. Organizations are designing and streamlining effective mechanisms in their hiring processes to ensure they attract Right Talent through smart Assessments. At the end of the day, we are discussing Talent Matters, and the Right Talent truly Matters!

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