Innovative Market Research Subscription Models: Ken Research

Ken Research is the Global aggregator and publisher of Market intelligence, equity, and economy reports. We provide reports and analysis studies for business intellects and operational consultations in more than 300 verticals underlining the disruptive technologies, emerging business models with precedent analysis, and success case studies. At present we cater to 300+ sectors with 150,000+ research repository across 196+ countries serving more than 1000+ clients and have also partnered with almost 25+ content aggregators.

We also aim to cope with new and constant changes; therefore, all market participants frequently require research and consulting studies across different sectors. We are pride to serve our clients with the paramount quality with desires tailored to render their cost effectiveness.

We also offer subscription-based services to clients and providing access to syndicate and ad-hoc research studies in compliance with other services. Our research services consist of substantial use of primary research for validating data and reports that are built by taking inputs from primary research unlike the most syndicated research reports available in the market today. Our analysts and research team conducts interviews with industry key officials, associations and government organizations along with the key industry players to understand the precise analysis for all our publications. These activities further ensure the data quality and helps us to provide critical time and actionable intelligence that can use for solving real-time challenges associated with planned business expansions. Our market research activities cover extensive coverage of all our publications with detailed analysis and well-prepared analysis of factors that affect the industry and our market research subscription for corporates further eliminate the need for purchasing multiple research reports. We provide a high degree of primary research, containing unique analysis ensuring our customers providing an edge to the decisions based on market research reports equipped with a competitive landscape to compare other players in the same industry.

The company also assists clients for strategizing business policies and achieving the sustainable growth over their respective domains and areas of interest. Our Market Research Subscription Model enable the use of seamless 24/7 support on all concerns from our research and sales team, and customized subscription plan options. We have a powerful business database including an overview on industry trends analysis, statistics, and profiles of public and private companies. We also incorporate the latest updates on key financials and executives. We build reports in PDF, PPT, and Word formats. In addition, we specialize in providing quick information update with the least turnaround time on new and upcoming projects and surveys for industries, competing companies, technologies, market size and opportunities over different domains and sectors for both domestic and global markets. Moreover, we also identify the prospects and building executive contact lists and applying the information to our report with sections such as client’s insight on the factors such as strategies, future estimations, upsurge or decline analysis, opportunity identification, and consumer surveys among others. Moreover, we offer business intelligence support to help clients transform into a prominent business firm with the option of monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annual report subscription services to remain up-to-date about for current market leads which further modifies strategies accordingly and keep up a tab on the industry competitiveness.

We have in-house analyst’s mapping the pertinent market research reports to the vertical and detail the upcoming reports to the client. We have come up with an exclusive subscription facility, which allows clients to purchase a customized set of reports, in line to their requirements.

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Ankur Gupta, Head Marketing & Communications


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