Landscape of the Middle East Healthcare Market Outlook: Ken Research

The Middle East Healthcare Market is one of the firmest increasing markets in the globe with the handsome growth rate during the reviewed period. The people around the Qatar are fronting numerous healthcare problems owing to the sedentary lifestyle and fast food consumption habits, namely diabetes, obesity and several other cardiovascular diseases, which are desiring for the technologically advanced healthcare infrastructure. The Middle East has been exponentially enlarging its national healthcare system to attain the requirement of its people and support the commercial diversification. The region has been advancing its infrastructure involving diagnostic labs, hospitals, and clinics in addition to the advancement of the local clinicians, specialized doctors and diabetes. Furthermore, all these aspects, fast increasing and ageing populace in the region further add to the benefits for the Middle East healthcare market.

In Qatar, the medical devices market is an import device market in context to medical devices. The imports of the medical devices registered for a lion share of effective percentage from the total revenue market in the recent past years. The market is witnessed to increase at a rapid pace of effective percentage by value from the recent past years to present due to the enlarging healthcare infrastructure in the region, both the private and government healthcare segment are investing heavily to deliver the region satisfactory healthcare infrastructure solutions to the residents and expats. The Diagnostic imaging items were witnessed to attain the foremost share of the market in the recent past, however Scintigraphic apparatus and Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus recounted the maximum growth in the recent past.

The Qatar having one of the maximum GDP per capita, the healthcare professionals and population of the region around the nation prefer the branded medical devices from Roche, Abbott, Biomeriux, Becton Dickinson, delivering all of them important position in the market. In addition, the Pharmaceuticals market in the Middle East is extremely dependent upon the imports of pharmaceutical products. The increasing commonness of the chronic diseases among the fast increasing populace of Middle East was the foremost factor responsible for the growth of the pharmaceutical products market in the Middle at a speedy pace. Whereas, the Qatar Pharma is the foremost domestic player which is producing drugs for the Qatar pharmaceuticals market.

Although, in the Middle East the hospital market has positively witnessed speedy increase in the number of inpatients and outpatients. The effective involvement from the pharmacy store augmented to a great magnitude due to the augmented sales of the medical devices and cosmetic products from the hospital grounded pharmacies, creating the high revenue.

Not only has this, the growing self-care assertiveness among people attached with the increasing pervasiveness of the chronic diseases was the foremost factor which has led to growth of autonomous diagnostic laboratories. Radiology tests created the comparatively subordinate share of the market majorly owing to the existence of limited number of radiology services involving X-ray and ultrasound and sophisticated prescription of pathology tests over radiology tests. Therefore, in the near years, it is anticipated that the market of Middle East healthcare market will increase more positively over the recent decades.

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