US Seed Market Research Report to 2023: Ken Research

How Seed Industry is positioned in the US?

USA is the third largest country in the world by area of lands its holds under its jurisdiction. An estimated more than ~ million acre of land is used for cropland where multiple crops are grown over the year. Corn, Soybean and Wheat are the three major crops by the area under cultivation. Together they accounted for more than ~ million acres of land under cultivation in 2018. Nebraska had the largest share of U.S. irrigated area followed by California. The industry has been inculcated with an increasing role of private seed companies, growing presence of multinational seed companies with an enhanced focus on biotechnology and extensive changes in regulatory frameworks which have affected the seed marketing and trade over the years. Majority of the irrigation facilities are located in the western part of the country which accounts for more than ~% of the irrigated land in the US. The United States has an average of ~ million acres of farm land and about ~ million farms on an average. In the matured markets like that of the US, farm mechanization covers 100% large sized lands. Farms have become more specialized and mechanized by the year 2018 due to which the number of commodities produced per farm has decreased, the average farm size increased from ~ acres in 2012 to about ~ acres in 2018.

The major grain crops in the US are planted during the period of May to July. Many major US crops such as Cotton, Soybean and Corn are planted during the period. In 2018, more than ~- ~% of the US seed crops are planted using GM/GE/Hybrid seeds.

The top five companies merged with each other to form three large corporations. These mergers were targeted with aim to integrate seed and crop protection business. Major mergers and acquisitions between year 2016 and 2018 are Bayer-Monsanto at USD ~ billion, BASF- Bayer at USD ~ billion, Dow-DuPont with a combined market cap of USD ` billion, ChemChina- Syngenta at USD  ~billion etc..

The revenue at retail price generated from domestic sale of Seed in the US Market increased from USD ~ billion in 2015 to ~ billion in 2018. The market was largely stagnant as it is highly matured and competitive.

How Soybean Seed Market Is Positioned in the US?

USA ranks first amongst the major producers of soybean in global soy markets with nearly ~% of the world’s soybean production.

In year 2018, total soybean planted in the US was about ~ million acres. The total area planted showed a negative growth rate of ~ %. Illinois ranked first in the maximum soybean plantation in the US with almost ~ million acres followed by Iowa which planted about ~ million acres.

Overall production of soybean in year 2017 was recorded at ~ million bushels valued at around USD ~ million in 2018; the US produced approximately ~ million bushels of soybean with the growth rate of ~%. The major Soybean-producing state of Illinois harvested approximately ~ million bushels. In 2018 U.S. soybean exports were projected down as approximately ~ million bushels.

US produced ~ million bushels of soybean seeds valued at USD ~ millions in year 2018 which was less than year 2017.

The US plants ~% of the total soybean as genetically engineered variety which are mostly herbicide-tolerant.

State of Mississippi plants ~% of GE variety which is followed by South Dakota and Arkansas with ~% of GE plantation.

How Corn Seed Market Is Positioned in the US?

Corn or maize is known to be an incredibly important crop in the US. Corn is the main ingredient in the production of ethanol which is a gasoline additive. Corn is planted and harvested in almost all 50 states of USA but the production is primarily concentrated in the Northern and Midwestern states.

In 2018, total corn planted in the US was about ~ acres. The total area planted showed a negative growth rate of around ~ % when compared with the planted area in year 2017.

Overall production of corn in year 2018 was recorded to be nearly ~ billion bushels valued at around USD ~ million. In 2017, the US produced approximately ~ billion bushels of corn. The growth rate recorded was negative ~% in year 2018. Corn production is concentrated in the Heartland region.

U.S.A. is the world’s exporter of corn, with production of ~ million bushels in year 2018.

The US Corn seed industry revenue was valued at USD ~ million in years 2018 and nearly USD ~ million in 2017. It recorded a growth rate of approximately ~% in year 2018. Corn seed price was estimated at about USD ~ per acre.

The US corn crop market is largely genetically modified and plants ~% of the total corn as genetically engineered variety which are mostly stacked gene varieties ~%) which are combination of herbicide-tolerant (~%) and Insect-resistant (Bt) (~%).

Key Segments Covered

By Type of Crop








Vegetable and Fruit Seeds

Based on Type:

Conventional seed

GM/ Hybrid seed

Based on Geography:










North Carolina

Other states

Key Target Audience

Seed Manufacturers

Associations and industrial bodies

Agricultural institutes and universities

Regulatory institutions

Agricultural Seed Distributors

Government Agencies

NGO’s Supporting Agricultural Growth and Activities

Venture Capitalists

Online Sales and Retailing Agencies

Time Period Captured in the Report:

Historical Period: 2013-2018

Forecast Period: 2019-2023

Companies Covered:

Bayer Group (Monsanto Company)

Dow DuPont Inc.

Syngenta Seeds, LLC

Agreliant Genetics, LLC

Key Topics Covered in the Report

US Seed Market

Seed Market in US

US Seed Industry Revenue

US Seed market by Type

Seed Products in US

Seed Sales in US

Seed Marketing in US

Seed Demand in the US

US Seed Patent Process

Seed Supply in the US

Mechanization in the US Agriculture

US Farm Ownership

Us Barley Seed Market

US Rice Seed Market

Commercial Seed Market in US

US Irrigated Land Statistics

US Non- Irrigated Land

GM Seeds Demand in US

Organic Seeds Supply in US

Hybrid Seeds Market in US

United States of America Seed Market

USA Seed Sales

Major Seed Companies in US

Seed Manufacturers in US

Seed Producers in the US

Distribution Channel US Seed Market

Developments in US Seed Industry

Guidelines US Seed

For more information on the research report, refer to below link:

US Seed Market Outlook to 2023

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