Coming Trends in the Global Artificial Intelligence in Security Market Outlook: Ken Research

The technology of artificial intelligence can be utilized to fight against the several cyber threats involving spear phishing, webshell, watering hole attack, DDoS attacks, ransomware and remote exploitation, by identifying and safeguarding them from proliferating into the systems. Based on the security systems the artificial intelligence can analyze even those intimidations which have not transpired in the past unlike traditional based security systems.

Additionally, with the growing usage of the refined techniques for the cybercrimes, there is an augmenting requirement for the artificial intelligence constructed techniques to counter the pressures from the malicious software bots. Not only has this, with the effective rise in the associated companies, applications and devices, the businesses are becoming more susceptible as they are linked to a mass of independent endpoints.

Global Artificial Intelligence in Security Market

According to the report analysis, ‘Artificial Intelligence in Security Market – Global Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, Trends, and Forecasts up to 2024’ states that there are several key players which presently performing in this market more enormously for leading the highest market growth and registering the foremost value of market share around the globe more significantly while increasing the applications of the artificial intelligence and growing usage of the technology across the several industries includes IBM Corporation, Palo Alto Networks Inc., Amazon, Cylance, LogRhythm, Sift Science, Darktrace, Securonix, ThreatMetrix and several others.

However, the IBM and MIT are participating in the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab which is extremely aiming towards improving the AI algorithms and fresh applications of AI in numerous fields such as healthcare and cybersecurity. Presently in 2018, the Palo Alto Networks proclaimed that it had attained the Israel-based Secdo to add endpoint recognition and response (EDR) abilities for its unconventional endpoint fortification and the application framework.

Furthermore, one of the foremost improvements of utilizing the AI in security is that even the minor deviations can be apprehended which were not imaginable in traditional signature based methodologies. The AI and machine learning applications can be effectively utilized to fight alongside the spear phishing, watering hole, webshell, ransomware, and inaccessible exploitation by recognizing the known as well as the unidentified threats and precluding those threats before they can implement into the systems.

Based on the region, the North America region had the foremost market share in 2017 and is predicted to register the AI in security market during the review period. The market will involvement a steep increase in this economy. The Factors fueling the growth of the market in North America includes growing government funding in this region, augmenting the IT security budgets which lead the growth by more than 2% compared to the previous year, increasing the number of cyber-attacks, such as ransomware which has risen more than 50% across the world with the US been the most exaggerated country with ransomwares such as WannaCry and NotPetya, cryptojacking which bothers the businesses financially and operationally, and increasing existence of benefactors of AI based security solutions in the region.

Hence, in the coming years, it is anticipated that the market of artificial intelligence in security will grow more significantly across the globe over the coming decades.

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