Increase in Electricity Generation, Followed by Improved Technologies is Set to Drive Anthracite Mining Global Market over the Forecast Period: Ken Research

Anthracite is a hard & compact variety of coal that has the fewest impurities, maximum content of carbon (approx 91% to 98%) and the highest calorific content amongst all sorts of coals. Anthracite is most favored ULV (ultra low volatile products) and PCI’s (pulverized coal injection products) which is directly fed into blast furnace. It is generally used in domestic furnaces & fireplaces. It is also used in steam-based power generators and can be transformed into liquid in order to be used in internal combustion engines. The anthracite mines are prone to hazard such as roof falls, mine fires, explosions and collapsing of mines.

According to study, “Anthracite Mining Global Market Report 2019” key companies operating in anthracite mining global market are Blaschak Coal Corporation, Jeddo, BHP Billiton, Lehigh Natural Resources, Sadovaya Group, Reading Anthracite Company, Bathurst Resources, Cokal, Carabella Resources, DTEK, VostokCoal, Attila resources, Anju Coal Mine, Tigers Realm, China Shenhua and Feishang Group, Aspire Mining, Jameson Resources, Aberdeen Mining Company, Jingmei Group, Atlantic Coal Plc, VINACOMIN, Baker, Anthracite Mine Rescue Inc., Xcoal, Walter L, Jincheng Anthracite Mining Group, Henan Energy and Chemical Industry Group, Celtic Energy, Atrum, Barren Coal Co., Jeddo Coal Company, Yangquan Coal Industry, Blaschak Coal Corporation, Coal Contractors Inc., Carbon Sales Inc., BD Mining Co Inc., Hudson Anthracite, State Industries Inc. The key companies have started using RFID technology to monitor or control the intensity of methane in mines which may cause explosions. Companies have also initiated the use of mobile roof support (MRS) and automated temporary roof support (ATRS) solutions to prevent rock falls caused by bolting of rocks.

Based on anthracite coal grades, anthracite mining global market is segmented into high grade (HG) anthracite, ultra-high grade (UHG) and standard grade (SG). SG anthracite has the lowest carbon purity and is frequently used for power generation in specialized plants. HG and UHG anthracite are harder than SG anthracite, and have higher relative density. Based on type of mining, market is segmented into drift mine, surface mine, shaft mine and slope mine. Based on end-user, market is segmented into power industry, coke producers, railway, commercial users and steel manufacturers.

Some of the key benefits are included environmentally sound, stored anywhere, burns clean with no odor or smoke, economical, safe, convenient and good quality. In addition, some drawbacks are expensive and difficult to ignite.

The global anthracite mining market is driven owing to increase in industrial development followed by rise in electricity demand. However, market is expected to face restraints related to workforce, safety, and changing government policies. The key trends supporting the market development includes the use of three dimensional (3D) mine visualizers, and employing autonomous vehicles in underground etc.

Based on geography, Asia Pacific region is held largest share followed by Eastern Europe in anthracite mining market owing to improved technology. The North American region is anticipated to support substantial growth due to increase in positive economic outlook in the region. The global anthracite mining market is anticipated to rise significantly over the forecast period on account of increase in demand associated with fuel & power generation projects.

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