Rise in Demand Followed by Use of Advanced Analytical Tools to Drive Global Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy Instrument Market Over the Forecast Period: Ken Research

Atomic absorption spectroscopy or AAS is a common technique for detecting metals & metalloids in samples, also known as metal analysis spectrometer. In this technique, free gaseous atoms absorb electromagnetic radiation at a definite wavelength used for producing a measurable signal. The absorption indication is proportional to concentration of associated with free absorbing atoms in from the visual path. The atomic absorption is easy to use and reliability which analyzes more than 62 elements.

According to study, “Global Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy Instrument Market 2019 by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2024” some of the major companies are currently working in the global atomic absorption spectroscopy instrument market arePerkinElmer, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Agilent Technologies, Hitachi High-Technologies, Shimadzu, Beifen-Ruili, GBC Scientific, Analytik Jena, Persee, Lumex Instruments, PG Instruments, Shanghai Spectrum Instruments, EWAI, ELICO Ltd, Aurora Biomed. The key vendors are providing the advantage over the better performance, better technical & impeccable after-sales service and more abundant product’s types. Therefore, they take the preponderance of the market share of high-end market.

Based on type, global atomic absorption spectroscopy instrument market is segmented into graphite furnace, flame and others (hydride atomization, glow-discharge atomization and cold vapor atomization). Flame AAS provide analytical signals over a continuous fashion &electro thermal AAS delivering analytical signals over a discontinuous mode. The graphite furnace tubes get a high heat as a high current power supply. Based on techniques of measurement, market is segmented into calibration & standard curves, interferences, EPA method for metal analysis and sample preparation. Interferences include Lorentz effect, self-absorption or self-reversal effect, Doppler Effect and quenching effect. Based on the radiation sources, market is segmented into hollow cathode lamps, deuterium lamps, electrode less discharge lamps and continuum sources.

Based on application, market is classified as environmental analysis, biotechnology, food & beverages testing and others. In addition, based on end-user, market is segmented into pharmaceutical industry, petrochemical industry, mining industry, agriculture industry, and others. The environmental and pharmaceutical testing industry owing to prevalence of various diseases and the environmental issues such as ozone layer depletion, across the globe are anticipated to fuel demand in the market.

The global atomic absorption spectroscopy instrument is primarily driven by rise in demand for the futuristic followed by use of advanced analytical tools, increased significance of discovery of new molecules among chemical & pharmaceutical organizations, spread of technology among numerous research & development (R&D) sectors, constant rise in international standards of drug safety & food and government encouragement of research activities. However, inadequate funds for the initial set-up & instrumentation, high maintenance costs, lack of awareness, and shortage of skilled personnel at the main restraints may impact the market growth.

The North American region accounts to the major share of global atomic absorption spectrometer market followed by Asia Pacific and Western Europe with the advancement commenced by the key companies in this region. In addition, the Asia Pacific region is poised to register a high growth owing to growth consumption of AAS by petrochemical and agriculture industries over the region. The global market associated with atomic absorption spectroscopy instrument is projected to grow at a CAGR of about 6.5% over the forecast period, is expected to reach US $680 million by 2024, from US $470 million in 2019.

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Global Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy Instrument Market

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