Return on Assets, Followed by Customized Technology Models, Coupled with Disaster Recovery at Real time is Set to Drive the Worldwide Hybrid Cloud Computing Market over the Forecast Period: Ken Research

Hybrid cloud computing is a seamless integration of public, private, and community clouds from many service providers to carry out various functions within the same organization. It helps organizations to take benefit of the cost-effectiveness of community or public cloud platforms for all non-sensitive operations & rely on private cloud where they are necessary. Private cloud leverages virtualization & automation to pool or optimize the resources. The services & data from both clouds combine to make a unified or the well-managed computing environment. The implementation of hybrid cloud depends on various factors such as data security & compliance requirements, the degree of control needed over data, and the type of application being used by an organization. Some of the other associated benefits of the market include scalability, flexibility, and cost efficiencies with the lowest feasible risk of data exposure etc.

According to study, “Worldwide Hybrid Cloud Computing Market – Solutions (Application Architecture, Network Integration, Management Systems), Service Model (Iaas, PaaS, SaaS), Verticals (Banking & Financial Services, Consumer Goods & Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, Energy & Utilities, Government, Telecommunication & IT, Transportation & Logistics, Others), By Regions – Drivers, Opportunities, Trends, and Forecasts, 2016-2022” some of the other major companies that are currently operating in the worldwide hybrid cloud computing market are Dell Inc., VMware, Inc., Amazon Web Services, Inc., RightScale, Inc., Rackspace Hosting, Inc., Cisco Systems, Inc., Computer Sciences Corporation, EMC Corporation, Equinix, Inc., AT&T, Inc., Oracle Corporation, Citrix Systems Inc., Microsoft Corporation, Green House Data, International Business Machines Corporation, Velostrata, Atlantic.Net. A hybrid cloud computing environment provides vendors the ability to get better resource provisioning on a large scale.

Based on the solution types, worldwide hybrid cloud computing market is segmented into application architecture, management systems and network integration. Based on the architecture, the market is segmented into cloud service provider and wide area network (WAN). An internet is a best example of WAN. Based on the services models, market is separated into Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) and Software as a Service (SaaS). Based on services, market is breakdown into cloud management & orchestration, hybrid hosting and disaster recovery. Additionally, based on vertical industry, market is segmented into consumer goods & retail, banking & financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, energy & utilities, media & entertainment, government, transportation & logistics, telecommunication & IT and others.

The worldwide hybrid cloud computing market is primarily driven by the return on assets, followed by customized technology models, disaster recovery at real time and access to multiple tools. Apart from the profits, some of the factors hampering are compliance requirements, security & networking and data synchronization complexities etc. In addition, some of the other new opportunities include flexibility & control, access to real time information and customized infrastructure. Furthermore, the new trends increasing the focus avoiding vender lock in and high adoption of hybrid IT services.

North American region is expected to direct the global market with high share owing to the entities in the U.S. implementing the latest technologies is expected to grow at a competitive edge. In addition, the Asia Pacific region is also expected to gain the most due to a fast-paced expansion in the market. The large enterprises over the different regions are creating more and more hybrid cloud solutions to work better & slash costs. It is expected that the worldwide hybrid cloud computing market to reach at US $241.13 billion, by 2022.

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