US Seed Market is Largely Driven by the Demand of Commercial Seeds for Sowing Corn, Soybean, Vegetable and Fruits and Cotton: Ken Research

“Adoption of GM/GE seeds for cultivating Corn and Soybean will be the key driver for commercial seed market in the US. The trend is expected to remain the same in the next few years.”

The US seeds market is in the matured stage and has shown a positive growth in the period 2013-2018. Corn Soybean and Vegetable and Seed Market are the three largest segments of the US Seed industry. Corn seed segment dominates the US seed market with innovations in seed and its traits for better yield and germination rates which ensures its maximum growth. USA ranks first amongst the major producers of soybean in global soy markets with nearly a third of the world’s soybean production. Major agricultural states include California, Texas, Illinois, Nebraska and Iowa. The US organic sector continues its upward trajectory, gaining new market share and shattering records as consumers are using more organic products than ever before. Organic food now accounts for 5.5% of total food sales in the US and the seeds are sold at premium. The US is the largest market for organic food in 2018.

More than 5 million Acre of organic farm land was there in the United States in year 2018 with an average growth rate of 3%. Organic acreage is increasing in most areas of the US, while transitioning to organic corn and soybean acreage is challenging in some Corn Belt areas.

In the matured markets like that of the US, farm mechanization covers 100% large sized lands. Farms have become more specialized and mechanized by the year 2018 due to which the number of commodities produced per farm has decreased, the average farm size increased by approximately 2.5%in 2018.

The top five companies merged with each other to form three large corporations. These mergers were targeted with an aim to integrate seed and crop protection business. The seed market is characterized by moderate competition due to the presence of a number of large- and small-scale firms. The market is dominated by players such as The Monsanto Company (Bayer Group), Dow DuPont Inc., Syngenta Seeds, and Agreliant Genetics. These collectively accounted for the largest portion of the seed market in 2018. New product launches, acquisitions, agreements, and expansions are the key strategies adopted by players to ensure their growth in this market.

The report titled, “US Seed Market Outlook to 2023 By Type of Seed (Corn, Soybean, Cotton, Wheat, Sorghum, and Vegetables) and By Technology (GM/GE/Hybrid and Open Pollinated)” by Ken Research observed that the innovations in product development and R&D in gene technology such as launch of various new and improved GM seeds and traits will complement the conventional seed use and it will have positive impact on the overall seed and agriculture market.

Key Segments Covered

By Type of Crop








Vegetable and Fruit Seeds

Based on Type:

Conventional seed

GM/ Hybrid seed

Based on Geography:










North Carolina

Other states

Key Target Audience

Seed Manufacturers

Associations and industrial bodies

Agricultural institutes and universities

Regulatory institutions

Agricultural Seed Distributors

Government Agencies

NGO’s Supporting Agricultural Growth and Activities

Venture Capitalists

Online Sales and Retailing Agencies

Time Period Captured in the Report:

Historical Period: 2013-2018

Forecast Period: 2019-2023

Companies Covered:

Bayer Group (Monsanto Company)

Dow DuPont Inc.

Syngenta Seeds, LLC

Agreliant Genetics, LLC

Key Topics Covered in the Report

US Seed Market

Seed Market in US

US Seed Industry Revenue

US Seed market by Type

Seed Products in US

Seed Sales in US

Seed Marketing in US

Seed Demand in the US

US Seed Patent Process

Seed Supply in the US

Mechanization in the US Agriculture

US Soybean Seed Market

US Farm Structure

US Farm Ownership

US Rice Seed Market

Organic Seed Market in US

Commercial Seed Market in US

Distribution of Seeds in US

US Irrigated Land Statistics

US Non- Irrigated Land

Seed Retailing in the US

GM Seeds Demand in US

Organic Seeds Supply in US

Hybrid Seeds Market in US

Market Share Bayer Seed America

United States of America Seed Market

USA Seed Sales

List of Seed Companies in US

Major Seed Companies in US

Seed Manufacturers in US

Seed Producers in the US

Distribution Channel US Seed Market

Guidelines US Seed

Opportunity US Seed Market

For more information on the research report, refer to below link:

US Seed Market Outlook to 2023

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