Lack of Power Infrastructure, Followed by, the Reduced Turnaround time, and Growing Popularity on the Networked Robots to Drive Global Service Robotics Market over the Forecast Period: Ken Research

The service robotics refers to a self-governing source of electrical power or energy which has its efficacy to support the critical electrical systems through the loss of ordinary supply of power during specific time period. The system consists of standby generators which contain both diesel generators and gas generators along with other apparatus. The system is primarily used and deployed to prevent energy outages in the events for instance sports events or concerts which occurs by the main paths of power supply. These robotics systems can also be reliant on deep cycle batteries, hydrogen fuel cells, and flywheel energy storage.

According to study, “Global Service Robotics Market Size study, by Application (Defense, Security & Rescue Service Robotics, Field Robots Service Robotics, Medical Service Robotics, Marine Service Robotics, Logistics Service Robotics, Telepresence Service Robotics, Inspection & Service Maintenance, Entertainment Service Robotics System, Education & Research Service Robotics), by Operating Environment (Aerial, Ground-Based, Marine) by and Regional Forecasts 2018-2025” the other major companies that currently operating global service robotics market are Adept Technology Inc., Bluefin Robotics, Aethon Inc, SZ DJI Technology Co., Ltd., AeroVironment, Inc., ECA Group, Delaval International AB, Honda Motor Co Ltd, Amazon Inc. (Kiva Systems), Geckosystems Intl. Corp., Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd., Yujin Robot Co. Ltd., Yaskawa Electric Corporation, Gecko Systems Corp., Intuitive Surgical Inc., Hanool Robotics Corporation, Intuitive Surgical Inc., ECA Group, Kuka AG, IRobot Corporation, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., The Boeing Company, AB Electrolux, RedZone Robotics, Panasonic Corp., Grumman Corp., Lely Holding S.A.R.L, Robert Bosch GmbH, Konsberg Maritime AS, Parrot S.A., Northrop Grumman Corporation.

Based on type, global service robotics market is segmented into professional robots and personal robots. Professional robots include medical assisting robots, field robots, UAV drones and defense & security. Personal robots include research robots, domestic robots, entertainment robots and others. Based on component, market is segmented into actuators, software, sensors and control systems. Based on the operating environment, market is segmented into ground-based environment, aerial based environment and marine based environment. In addition, based on application, market is defined as field robots service robotics, telepresence service robotics, entertainment service robotics system, defense or security & rescue service robotics, logistics service robotics, marine service robotics, inspection service robotics, medical service robotics, and education & research service robotics.

The global service robotics is driven by the lack of power infrastructure, followed by reduced turnaround time, growing popularity of networked robots, increasing demand for professional robots in healthcare, rise in customizable robots for logistic operations. The rise in demand for power.  In addition, some of the major restraints impacting the operational issues, longer time to commercialize robots, unpredictable performance in untested environments and high initial costs & need for continual investments. Moreover, the other major opportunities associated include increase in application areas, growth of smart phones & other mobile devices and growth in emerging economies.

The North American region is probable to lead the market. The region is majorly driven by rise in the power demand & capacity growth plans by the organizations for instance caterpillar and trinity power rentals. The Asia-Pacific region is also expected to be the fast-growing due to escalating the industrialization & enhancing demand focusing on incessant power mainly by the sectors which include healthcare and automobile considering the estimated period. It is expected that the global service robotics market to reach at US $36.7 billion, by 2025.

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