Rise in Focus for New Product Development & Innovation with the use of Cost-Effective Techniques to Drive the Livestock Monitoring Solutions over the Forecast Period: Ken Research

The livestock monitoring system is a smart farming method which includes monitoring of all kind of diseases associated to animals, meat, milk consumption and medical cost related to the animals. The monitoring techniques are widely used for monitoring all transactions associated to animals and products that includes milk or the milk products. Monitoring methods are also used for acknowledging the issues that are significant in preventing the loss allied to livestock.

The benefits associated include reduction in the costs of cattle location, real time positioning, information related to animals, monitoring of animal movement, alert based system to track animal movements (when an animal is out of range), correlate animal movements with specific behaviors (state of oestrus & health) and or the loss of delay in adopting the Internet of Things (IOT).

According to study, “Global Livestock Monitoring Market Size study, by Offering (Hardware, Software, Services), by Species (Poultry, Cattle, Equine, Swine, Others) by Applications (Feeding Management, Milk Harvesting Management, Heat Stress Management, Breeding Management, Behavior Monitoring & Control, Animal Comfort Management, Other Applications) and Regional Forecasts 2018-2025” the key companies associated to the global livestock monitoring market are Afimilk Ltd., Delaval, Boumatic LLC, Infovet, Dairymaster, Allflex USA Inc., Fullwood Ltd., FBS Systems Inc., Sum-IT Computer Systems, Ltd, Sum-It Computer Systems Ltd., GAO RFID Inc., Quantified Ag, GEA Group, Sol Chip Ltd., Communications Group Lethbridge Ltd., Lely Holding S.A.R.L, Valley Agriculture Software, Nedap N.V., SCR Dairy Inc., Lely S.a.r.l, Gallagher Group Ltd., Moonsyst, Cattlewatch, Ro-Main Inc, Smaxtec.

Based on product type, global livestock monitoring market is segmented into standalone software, hardware & systems and services. Standalone software is defined on-premise delivery model and on-cloud delivery model. Hardware systems include RFID tags & readers, transmitters & mounting sensor, sensors (motion sensors, temperature sensor, environmental humidity sensor, and accelerometer sensor) and Global Positioning System (GPS). In addition, to the services monitoring market includes maintenance, support, managed services with the integration & deployment. Based on animal type market is segmented to swine, poultry, equine, cattle, sheep & goat and others. Based on the applications market is segmented into heat stress management, behavior monitoring & control, feeding management, breeding management, animal comfort management, milk harvesting management and the other applications.

The global livestock monitoring system market is driven by the rise in focus of new product development & innovation. Moreover, the key driving factors associated with market growth includes cost-effective livestock monitoring solutions, growing IOT technology penetration in livestock farming, increase in dairy farm size and government’s prirotizing the investments in livestock management. Apart from the key driving factors market is also affected by some of the major restraints which includes lack of skilled professionals in the emerging economies, the capital investment and environmental issues to result from the livestock farming. Additionally, some of the other major opportunities associated with the market include rapid development of cattle for the health monitoring solutions. The livestock monitoring system adding to the significant market growth opportunities in the emerging countries apart from the livestock management services related to exhibit the healthy market prospects.

It is estimated that the global livestock market to reach at US $1,587.5 billion, by 2025. It is estimated that market to grow due to a significant increase of dairy farms, new product launches and rise in the technological advancements with the substantial cost savings related to livestock monitoring management.

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Global Livestock Monitoring Market

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