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The report titledUganda Lubricants Market Outlook to 2023 – By Origin (Mineral, Semi-Synthetic and Synthetic), By Automotive (Passenger Car Motor Oils and Motor Cycle oils, Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Gear Oils and Transmission Fluids, Greases) and Industrial (Hydraulic Oils, Industrial Gear Oils, Turbine Oil, Compressor Oils, Greases, Transformer Oils and Grease), By End Users and By Distributionprovides a comprehensive analysis on the lubricants industry of Uganda. The report covers various aspects including introduction on the Uganda lubricants market, value chain analysis, market size by revenue as well as sales volume, production volume, overall lubricants market segmentation by origin, by type of automotive as well as industrial lubricants, by end users and by channels of distribution; competition scenario in the industry, market shares as well as company profiles of major players operating in the Uganda lubricants market, growth drivers, trends and developments, issues and challenges, trade scenario and the regulatory framework of the industry. The report concludes with market projections and analyst recommendations highlighting the major opportunities and cautions.

Uganda Lubricants Market Overview and Size

The lubricants market of Uganda was observed to be in its growth stage majorly due to rapid industrialization and growing sales volume of pre-owned vehicles thus, driving the demand for both automotive and industrial lubricants in the country. Presently, Uganda lubricants market is majorly importing base oil and finished products due to lack in terms of technology to extract base oil from crude oil. Over the review period, the market observed a healthy growth both in terms of revenues as well as sales volume. Major growth drivers include increase in sales of vehicles, expansion in manufacturing and construction sector and increase in disposable income of the people who could afford good quality lubricant type.

Uganda Lubricants Market Segmentation

By Origin (Mineral, Semi-Synthetic, and Synthetic): Mineral based lubricants were witnessed to dominate Uganda lubricants market during 2018 as the lube type is available at a lower price which induces end users to pick mineral lubricants over others coupled with ease in their refining process. Others include semi-synthetic and synthetic lube types.

Uganda Automotive Lubricants Market Segmentation

By Application (Passenger Car Motor Oils and Motorcycle Oils, Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Gear Oils and Transmission Fluids; and Greases): Passenger car motor oils and motorcycle oils dominated the automotive lubricants revenue in Uganda, followed by heavy duty diesel engine oils, hydraulic oils, gear oils and transmission fluids; and greases in the year 2018. Passenger car motor oil was on the top of chart owing to rise in car sales year on year.

By Automotive End Users (Passenger Vehicles and Motorcycle, Commercial Vehicles, Marine and Aviation): Passenger vehicles, motorcycles and commercial vehicles were the largest consumers of automotive lubricants in Uganda in 2018. This was majorly due to the growing transportation and logistics industry in the country. Marine and aviation based lubricants have limited demand and are majorly imported from abroad.

Uganda Lubricants Market.jpg

By Channels of Distribution (OEMs and Dealer Network): Dealer networks including OEM workshops / service stations / local workshops were the leading category in terms of sales volume in the year 2018 driven by expertise and knowledge they have of the product (lube type) which enables them to advice customers based on their personal requirements. This increases customer trust and makes dealer networks a preferred channel of sale. Sale of automotive lubes through OEMs had a limited presence in Uganda.

Uganda Industrial Lubricants Market Segmentation

By Application (Hydraulic Oils, Industrial Gear Oils, Turbine Oils, Compressor Oils, Greases and Transformer Oils): Hydraulic oils were the leading category within industrial lubricants segment in 2018. This was due to their extensive usage in heavy machineries with hydraulic systems. Industrial gear oils, which are widely used in machineries are operated under extreme temperature / weather conditions, followed in terms of sales volume in the year 2018. Other industrial lubes include turbine oil, compressor oil, greases and transformer oil.

By Industrial End Users (Manufacturing, Construction, Power Generation and Others): Manufacturing sector captured the maximum consumption of industrial lubricants in Uganda as it involves high usage of heavy machinery. Construction and power generation followed in terms of sales volume in the year 2018. Others include agriculture, mining, mass roadway transports.

By Channel of Distribution (Direct Sales and Dealer network): Major companies in Uganda prefer selling industrial lubricants directly to end-users than via dealers as they have the control to evolve the sales process and manage the pipeline without the interference of external parties.

Uganda Lubricants Market Competitive Landscape

Competition stage within Uganda lubricants market was witnessed to be moderately concentrated along with the presence of major international companies which captured most of the sales volume of lubricants in Uganda during 2018. Some of the major players operating within this segment include Total, Vivo Energy, Chevron, Mogas, ENOC, Kenol Kobil, Oryx Energies, Petrocity, Hass Petroleum and others. Pricing, brand value, distribution channel as well as number and type of product variants offered by a particular company are some of various parameters on the basis of which companies compete and to reach a wider target audience in Uganda lubricants market.

Uganda Lubricants Market Future Outlook

Uganda lubricants market is expected to grow at a positive CAGR during the forecasted period 2018-2023 driven by increasing government expenditure on infrastructure, aggressive investment in industries and construction of pipeline in Hoima which will collectively create a positive impact on the market. Increase in usage of automotive and industrial machineries in the country coupled with rising purchasing power of customers are expected to positively drive lubricant sales in Uganda in the near future.

By Origin (Mineral, Semi-Synthetic, and Synthetic): In spite of the decline in the sales of mineral lubricants in Uganda, preference towards mineral lubricants will continue in the future owing to their low economical cost; followed by synthetic and semi-synthetic lubricant types.

By Application (Automotive and Industrial):  In terms of application, it is expected that automotive lubricants will still be the leading category in the country however, industrial lubricants will grow in the near future. Within the automotive segment, it is expected that passenger vehicles and motorcycles will still lead in terms of application whereas; the manufacturing and construction sector will be the leading end user categories under the industrial lubricants segment in the near future.

Key Segments Covered:-

Basis of Origin

Mineral Oil

Semi-Synthetic Oil

Synthetic Oil


Automotive Lubricants

Industrial Lubricants

Automotive Lubricant Type

Type of Oil

Passenger Car Motor Oils and Motorcycle Oils

Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils

Hydraulic Oils

Gear Oils & Transmission Fluids


End User

Passenger Vehicles and Motorcycles

Commercial Vehicles



Distribution Channel

OEMs (B2B)

Dealer Network (OEM Workshops /Service Stations /Local Workshops) (B2C)

Industrial Lubricant Type

Type of Oil

Hydraulic Oils

Industrial Gear Oils

Compressor oils

Transformer oils

Turbine Oil

Industrial Greases

End Users



Power generation

Others (Agriculture, Mining and Mass Roadways Transport)

Distribution Channel

Direct Sales

Dealer Network

Key Target Audience:-

Lubricant Manufacturers, Distributors and Importers

Automobile Manufacturers

Plastic Manufacturers

Metal Working Companies

Auto and Auto Component Manufacturers

Construction Companies

Textile Companies

Cement Companies

Mining Companies

Paper and Pulp Manufacturers

Power Generation Companies

Steel Manufacturers

Food & Beverage Companies

Time Period Captured in the Report:-

Historical Period – 2012-2018

Forecast Period – 2019-2023

Companies Covered:-


Vivo Energy






Oryx Energies

Hass Petroleum

Other Players (Habib Oil, Ravoline, Potenza, Uni Oil, Libya Oil, Mount Meru and other recycled lubricant manufactures  i.e. other local blenders)

Key Topics Covered in the Report:-

Executive Summary

Research Methodology

Stakeholders in Uganda Lubricants Market

Uganda Lubricants Market Overview and Genesis

Value Chain Analysis for Uganda Lubricants Market

Uganda Lubricants Market Size, 2012–2018

Trade Scenario in Uganda Lubricants Market, 2015-2017

Uganda Lubricants Market Segmentation

Uganda Automotive Lubricants Market Segmentation

Uganda Industrial Lubricants Market Segmentation

Trends and Developments in Uganda Lubricants Market

Issues and Challenges in Uganda Lubricants Market

Decision Making Criteria For End Users in Uganda Lubricants Market

Regulatory Framework in Uganda Lubricants Market

SWOT Analysis for Uganda Lubricants Market

Comparative Landscape in Uganda Lubricants Market

Uganda Lubricants Market Future Outlook and Projections, 2018-2023

Insights from Industry Experts in Uganda Lubricants Market

Analyst Recommendations in Uganda Lubricants Market

For more information on the research report, refer to below link:-

Uganda Lubricants Market

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