Increase in Population Coupled with Rise In Need For High Productivity With the Limited Land Area to Drive the Sulfur Fertilizers Market Over Forecast Period : Ken Research

Sulfur fertilizers are the important plant nutrient that are necessary for optimizing the overall production. It assists in creating chlorophyll which allows photosynthesis for plants that manufactures food from starch, oils, sugars, vitamins, fats, and other compounds. It also assists in synthesizing oil. The sulfur fertilizers are used for the enzyme creation assisting in biochemical reactions for the plant. It augments crop yields and improves the overall product quality. The sulfur fertilizers recoversthe oilprotein percentage in cereal,milling seeds quality, baking, quality of tobacco, marketability of dry coconut kernel (copra), nutritive value of forages, etc.

Global Sulfur Fertilizers MarketAccording to study, “Global Sulfur Fertilizers Market Size Study, by Type (Sulfate, Elemental Sulfur, Sulfates of Micronutrients), by Crop Type (Conventional Agriculture, Controlled Environment Agriculture), by Formulation, and Regional (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Rest of the World) Forecasts, 2017-2025 (USD Billion/Million)” some of the major companies that are currently working in the global sulfur fertilizers market are Coromandel International, Agrium, ICL, Deepak Fertilisers& Petrochemicals, The Kugler Company, K+S Aktiengesellschaft, Euroshem, Eurochem, Yara, The Mosaic Company, Potash Corp.of Saskatchewan, Yara, Koch Industries, Uralchem.

Based on type, global sulfur fertilizers Industry is segmented into elemental sulfur (elemental sulfur & sulfur bentonite), sulfate fertilizers (calcium sulfate, ammonium sulfate, single super phosphate, potassium magnesium sulfate, potassium sulfate & ammonium phosphate sulfate) and sulfates of micronutrients (copper, zinc, manganese and iron). Based on formulation, market is split into dry formulation and liquid formulation. The dry formulation methods include dry granules, wettable powder and water dispersible granules. Liquid formulation include emulsifiable concentrate, soluble liquid concentrate and suspension concentrate. Based on crop type, market is segmented into the controlled environment and conventional agriculture.Conventional agriculture is further sub-segmented into fruits and vegetables, oilseeds, pulses (soybean, groundnut & canola), cereals & grains (wheat, corn & rice) and others. Based on application method, the market is divided into broadcast, foliar, seed row, band and others.Band method improves the efficiency and leads to quick growth of the crops.

The global sulfur fertilizers market is primarily driven by risein need for high productivity using limited land area. Some of the other driven aspects are increased demand for crops prone to sulfur deficiency, risein sulfur deficiency in soil leading to the need of sulfur emission regulations. Some of the other restraints of the market are depressed commodity prices, followed by rise of organic food consumption, environmental concerns, unfavorable regulatory stance and lowering of the farm income.Moreover, increase in usage of high analysis fertilizers without lowering the increased sulfur consumption added to the increase in the trend of fertilizers with the rise in investment for agricultural activities from the developing countries is expected to new opportunities to the market.

Asia-Pacific region is expected to lead the sulfur fertilizers market by maintaining the situation in the upcoming years which has led to the growth in agricultural practices and the requirement of high-quality agricultural generation accommodating the residents growing in the developing nations. By 2017 the market in terms of value for global sulfur fertilizers market is expected to increase to US$ 5.6 billion is anticipated to grow significantly over the forecast period.

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Global Sulfur Fertilizers Market

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