Landscape Of The Global Thermochromic Pigment Market Outlook: Ken Research

The thermochromic pigments are utilized in the ink printing, plastic products and paint and coating to either display the temperature change or to develop the aesthetics of the product. Whereas, this pigment is classified under the high-performance pigment that has the feature of altering the color with a variation in the temperature. Both the markets of the thermochromic pigment and high-performance pigment can be related to economic improvement, our quality of life and disposable income. However, the utilization of thermochromic pigment based ink can be generally perceived in beer wrappers demonstrating the coldness of beer or sticker on the pizza delivery boxes representing hotness of the pizza. Furthermore, the players of this market developing their techniques of doing work for leading the fastest market growth with the handsome amount of share across the globe more positively in the coming years.

According to the report analysis, ‘Thermochromic Pigment Market Analysis’ states that there are several keys players which are recently functioning in this market more significantly for leading the fastest market growth more positively with the handsome amount of share around the globe by making the huge amount of investment in the research and development programs which develop the usage of it and increase the demand includes RPM, International, Chromatic Technologies Inc, OliKrom, E.I.du Pont, Flint Group, Sherwin-Williams Co, NanoMatriX International Ltd,3M, Hammer Packaging, Quad/Graphics, and several others. Moreover, the players of this market are developing the techniques of doing work by adopting the effective strategies and policies which further become profitable for generating a high amount of revenue and attaining the highest market share across the globe in the short span of time.

According to research, the global thermochromic pigment market is anticipated to increase at a CAGR of 5.3% during the forecast period of 2016-2022 to reach USD 2,612.9 million by 2022. Whereas, on the basis of region, the market is spread across the globe which majorly includes Asia Pacific region, Europe, North America and Rest of the World. While across the globe, the requirement for thermochromic pigment is rising consistently, especially in Europe and North America markets. This growth is maintained by accumulative automotive coating & printing industries in these regions. Presently, North America is the global leader in the thermochromic pigment market. The US has built a benefit of having most of the ink printing market thus delivering the supreme contribution in the global thermochromic pigment market. After the US, Canada is the effective consumer of global thermochromic pigment market in North America. The Asia Pacific will present supreme growth rate during the forecast period owing to increasing industrialization and rising per capita income of people.

Additionally, the application sector of Ink printing is anticipated to maintain global dominance in application segments, whereas China and Japan fueled the Asia Pacific is anticipated to contribute the maximum growth in global thermochromic pigment. Therefore, in the near future, it is expected that the market of thermochromic pigment will increase across the globe more significantly over the recent few years.

Report Scope:-


Paint & Coating

Ink printing


Others (such as Cosmetics)


Reversible thermochromic pigment

Irreversible thermochromic pigment


Asia Pacific


North America

Rest of the World

Companies Covered:-

RPM International

Chromatic Technologies Inc

OliKrom,E.I.du Pont

Flint Group

Sherwin-Williams Co

NanoMatriX International Ltd


Hammer Packaging


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