Increase functionalities of drones giving a boost to consumer drones market in North America: Ken Research


The market for hobby drones took inspiration from flying tiny indoor helicopters. These tiny helicopters were sometimes very tiny that they could be attached to the controller by a cord. Commercial uses for these drones grew somewhere around 2014 very rapidly. Piloting these hobby drones is more than often not easy. But one reason why serious hobbyists enjoy flying drones is discovering the unexplored places like beaches, meadows, dumps, streets which they can enjoy it over and again once captured. Consumer drones are increasingly finding various uses these days and many organisations are embracing the technology and changes. From delivering to pizzas to packages and executing successful rescue operations, drones are used for a variety of reasons.


Now drones are used for food delivery too, though it is restricted to confined residential and industrial areas. Another most recent use is the use of drones in battlefield by providing temporary internet coverage through tethered drones and balloons.

The global market for consumer/hobby drones is dominated by North America and will continue to do so for the forecast period. This is due to increase in aerial imaging and covering events through filming video. A major push for the drone companies have been the regulations of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) which relaxed the laws surrounding the usage of drones for recreational and non – recreational purposes. Since major of the companies have their headquarters based out of North America, this has also been favourable for the growth of consumer drones. Most of the companies in the consumer drones have been successful due to their research and development. These have led to new drones with better functionalities and convenient sizes.

North America Consumer/Hobby Drones Market 2016-2025: Analysis, Forecast and Strategy gives a detailed analysis on the market for consumer/hobby drones in North America. The report also includes current competitive scenario and the predicted manufacture trend, and profiles key consumer drone vendors including market leaders and important emerging players. Specifically, potential risks associated with investing in North America consumer drones market are assayed quantitatively and qualitatively through GMD’s Risk Assessment System. According to the risk analysis and evaluation, Critical Success Factors (CSFs) are generated as a guidance to help investors & stockholders manage and minimize the risks, develop appropriate business models, and make wise strategies and decisions. The leading market players are 3D Robotics Inc, Dajiang Innovation Technology Inc. (DJI), Hubsan Technology Co., Ltd. (China), senseFly, Tai Shih Hobby Corporation (TSHobby GAUI), Walkera Technology Co., Ltd and Yuneec International

Key Topics Covered in this Report:-

3d Robotics Inc Drones Market

Sensefly Drones Market Analysis

Walkera Technology Co., Ltd. Drones Market

North America Hobby Drones Market Growth

Canada Consumer Drones Market

North America Hobby Drones Market Size

North America Hobby Drones Market Sales

North America Consumer Drones Market Application

Dajiang Innovation Technology Inc. (Dji) Drones Market

Tai Shih Hobby Corporation (Tshobby GAUI) Drones Market

North America Toy Drones Market Revenue

North America Multi Rotor Consumer Drones

Yuneec International Drones Market

North America Hobby Drones Market Revenue

North America Hobby Drones Market Research

North America Nano Consumer Drones Market

North America Consumer Uavs Software Market

Us Consumer Drones Market Analysis

North America Consumer Uavs Hardware Market

Hubsan Technology Co., Ltd. (China) Drones Market

North America Hobby Drones Market Future Outlook

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