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The Report Collaborative Robots Market by Industry, Application and Geography: Worldwide Analysis and Outlook 2014-2022 gives a detailed analysis about collaborative robots in the global market. The report examines the global collaborative robots market through a comprehensive research and profound analysis of premium information sources with inputs derived from industry professionals across the value chain. After reviewing global economic environments and global robotics sector, this report provides a detailed analysis of market structure, market trends, market forces, and market segments. The top players in the global market are ABB, KUKA, Rethink Robotics, Universal Robots, Fanuc, Adept Technology, Yaskawa Motoman, F&P Personal Robotics, Robotnik Automation S.L.L, Scape Technologies A/S.

Collaborative robots or commonly known as cobots are designed with advanced sensors and software which help them work swiftly and easily change to the changes in the environment. Cobots help humans and robots in dealing with safety and efficiency in less protective environment as well with very little chances of injury or damages. Cobots have no pinch points and all the wires and motors are completely internalised. They are round in shape and can detect any unwanted, abnormal pressure or force applied to the joints in motion. When they detect such motion, they are programmed to stop or reverse the position. Programming and integration are easier since they can used manually and can be hand guided. So when the robot is shown the desired position manually, the cobot is programmed to immediately follow the same. Thus, Cobots help in improving the overall functioning of robots simultaneously reducing the space required for a whole robotic unit. They have been very advantageous for businesses, unskilled labours and production and increasing ROI for businesses.

In the various segments of cobots, assemble and material handling applications are likely to have the highest growth rate. Many companies are looking to increase their payload capaicties which is facilitated by cobots. In the forecast year, the largest share is accounted for pick and place applications which is expected to be overtaken by assembly and material handling market. This high scope is due to the reduces time of assemble, speed and capacity. Cobots also allow the user the grasp the basics of working easily. Other demand drivers in the market include growing in demand of consumer products like food and beverages, increased cost of living which has led to increase in demand in appliances and furniture. Region – wise, Europe accounts for the highest market share followed by APAC.

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Global Collaborative Robots Market

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