Drones Along With Thermal Imaging Changing The Dynamics Of Energy Industry : Ken Research

The Report Drones for Energy Industry: Global Market Research, Forecast, and Strategy 2016-2025 gives a detailed analysis of the global market for drones used in the energy industry. The report is based on a comprehensive research study of the energy-sector drones market by analyzing the entire global market and all its sub-segments through extensively detailed classifications. Profound analysis and assessment are generated from premium information sources with inputs derived from industry professionals across the value chain. The leading players in the global market are Aerovel Corporation (USA), AeroVironment, Inc. (US), Altavian (USA), Ascending Technologies GmbH (Germany), BAE Systems (UK), Cyberhawk Innovations (UK), Draganfly Innovations (Canada), ING Robotic Aviation (Canada), Insitu (USA), Lockheed Martin (US), Leonardo-Finmeccanica (Italy), Northrop Grumman Corporation (US), PrecisionHawk (US), Proxy Technologies (US), Sky-Futures (UK), Textron (US) and VDOS (USA).

Drones these days are used among various sectors in various fields and for strategic purposes. They are used to save lives, improve agricultural productivity, mining, construction, weddings and so on. The drone industry is constantly growing and expanding with extensive research and press releases on what the new developments in the field has been.

Drones have been increasingly used in the energy and utilities sector to inspect wind and solar sites. Companies can use drones with infrared and high-zoom sensors to complete various tasks. In the past, drones have been used to string power lines after hurricane damages. Drones with infrared camera in thermal plants proves to be less time – consuming and helps in identifying faulty equipment within a few minutes from functioning. This has helped in saving much of labour time. In the energy field, though thermal imaging devices have been used for many years, drones help in giving the overall view of the field in hues of yellow and purple based on their heat emissions. They help in identifying areas that are not converting the necessary energy effectively. Apart from in solar panels, drones are also used with thermal imaging to inspect the working of power poles and stations.

However, there are various threats long the way- emerging AI, blockchain and robotics. It requires a lot of time for companies to adopt to these new technologies. Secondly, the regulations around the use of drones as about how, where and when to fly the drones hamper their use in urban areas.

The top players in the market currently have their own drone operations set up in their units. Though many of the companies have their own drone departments, they are all in the development phase yet to be implemented. Major areas of focus of all the companies are range, reliability, endurance and flexible utilization. The main desired use of drones here are for maintenance and inspections.

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