Growing Use of Artificial Intelligence with Customer Centric Approaches to Drive the Global Deep Learning Market: Ken Research

Deep learning (DL) is a fragment of machine learning technique. It uses different layers of linear & nonlinear information dispensation for supervised & unsupervised sorts of transformation and extraction.It is used in developing the new technologies for instance visual data mining and natural language processing to improve the product offerings.

According to study, “Global Deep Learning Market (2018-2023)” some of the major companies associated with global deep learning market areGoogle Inc., Qualcomm Technologies, Sensory Inc., Graphcore, Micron Technology, Samsung Electronics, General Vision Inc., Intel Corporation, Xilinx  Inc., Amazon Web Services, Inc., NVIDIA Corporation, Mellanox Technologies, Microsoft Corporation, AWS, IBM Corporation.

On the basis of offering, the global deep learning market is segmented into software, hardware and services. Software offering includes platform or API and solutions (SDK or software framework). Hardware offering are further sub-segmented into memory, processor and network. Processor includes FPGA, GPU, CPU and VPU etc. Services include training, installation and support & maintenance. On the basis of application, the market is segmented into data mining, image recognition, drug discovery and recommender system and signal recognition.

On the basis of end-user, the market is segmented into manufacturing, agriculture, automotive, healthcare, security, retail, law, human resources, marketing and fintech. Manufacturing services mainly includes field services, material movement, reclamation, predictive maintenance & machinery inspection, quality control and production planning. Automotive use is sub divided into human-machine interface, autonomous driving and semiautonomous driving. Healthcare includes drug discovery, precision medicine, wearable, lifestyle management & monitoring, medical imaging & diagnostics, impatient care & hospital management and research. Security features includes data loss prevention, identity & access management, antivirus or antimalware, risk & compliance management, encryption, unified threat management, firewall and disaster recovery. Retail includes price optimization, visual search, supply chain management & demand planning, customer relationship management, virtual assistant and payment services management. Law includes case prediction, legal research, eDiscovery, compliance, contract analysis, e-Billing, legal research and knowledge management.Marketing includes search advertising, dynamic pricing, search advertising, sales & marketing automation and website design & emotion measurement. In addition, fintech includes customer behavior analytics, virtual assistant and business analytics & reporting.

Some of the key benefits include ability to generate new features without human intervention and advanced analysis. The market is impacted by hindrances such as amount of data, determining the training method and lack of strong theoretical foundation.

The market of deep learning is primarily driven by the growing use of artificial intelligence (AI) driving factors are the customer centric services. Moreover the increasing adoption of advanced technologies such as (big data analytics, internet of things and cloud computing), improving computing power & declining hardware cost and deep learning usage in big data analytics. Apart from advantages, some of the major challenges include lack of technical expertise, increasing complexity in hardware, deployment of DI for applications (NLP in regional dialects) and absence of standards & protocols. Moreover, some of the new opportunities include cumulative spending in healthcare (tourism, hospitality industries and travel) and presence of limited structure data.

The North American region holds largest market in terms of revenue growth followed by the Asia-Pacific and Europe, globally. It is predicted that the security sub-segment will be hold the largest market share of this market on account of increasing implementation of deep learning & AI-based structures in antivirus & anti malware solutio     ns. It is expected that the global deep learning market to reach at US$ 28.8 billion, at a CAGR of 48.4 %, by 2023.

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