Kuwait Retail Pharmacy Market Outlook to 2022: Ken Research

The report titledKuwait Retail Pharmacy Market Outlook to 2022 – By Type of Pharmacy (Pharmacy Chains, Independent Pharmacies and Hospital/Clinic Based Pharmacies); By Type of Drugs (Cosmetics, Food Supplements and Drugs), By Type of Sales Channels (Offline and Online)provides a comprehensive analysis on the Retail Pharmacy industry of Kuwait. The report covers various aspects including introduction, value chain, market size by revenue (2012-2017), segmentation by type of pharmacy, by type of drugs, by revenue split and by type of sales channel, competition scenario in the industry, shares and company profiles of major players in the market, growth drivers, trends and developments, issues and challenges in the retail pharmacy market and the regulatory framework of the industry. The report concludes with market projection for future market described above and analyst recommendations highlighting the major opportunities and cautions for the Kuwait Retail Pharmacy market.

Market Overview

Kuwait retail pharmacy market is in its growing stage and has increased at a positive single digit CAGR during the period 2012-2017 majorly due to increasing population, surge in pharmaceutical imports, and growing prevalence of diseases such as Obesity, infectious and chronic ailments such as cancer within the country. It has been observed that the trend towards preventive healthcare witnessed a rise in line with an increase in healthcare awareness during the review period, thus supporting expansion of the cosmetics and food supplements along with the OTC segment and increasing demand for vitamins and supplements, weight loss formulations, and smoking cessation aids has led the retail pharmacy market positively. On the other hand, growth in healthcare sector has resulted in widespread of both standalone and pharmacy chains in the country.

Kuwait Retail Pharmacy Market Segmentation

By Type of Pharmacy: Pharmacy chains are the major dominating category under types of pharmacy in Kuwait. Pharmacy chains accounted more than half of the share in the number of pharmacies in the country. In Kuwait, people largely prefer to purchase drugs and private label goods from well-known pharmacy chains majorly due to trust on branded retail pharmacy outlets. Independent Pharmacies remains the second most leading pharmacy stores in Kuwait in terms of number and are followed by Hospitals/clinic based pharmacies.

By Type of Drugs: Cosmetics dominated Kuwait retail pharmacy market with a massive share in generation in the year 2017. Increasing expatriate population in the country, surge in the sale of baby care products and higher price of the medicinal products are the key growth drivers for dominance of cosmetics sale in Kuwait retail pharmacy market. Food supplements (vitamins) captured second highest revenue share which is later followed by drugs (medicines).

By Revenue Split per Day: Kuwait retail pharmacy market is highly concentrated among the pharmacy chains. Pharmacies earning per day revenue within the range KD 2,000 to KD 5,000 dominated the segment during the year 2017.

By Type of Sales Channel: Offline channel in Kuwait retail pharmacy market have dominated the retail pharmacy market in terms of sales revenue during the year 2017. Majority of the pharmacies in Kuwait operate under this business model. However, online channel in Kuwait retail pharmacy market have accounted mere share in the year 2017.

Competitive Landscape

The market of the Retail Pharmacy companies is moderately concentrated with few players constituting more than half of the total share. In Kuwait, nine major players are operating in the retail pharmacy market which contributes a combined share of ~70.0% of total pharmacy stores as of 2017. Companies compete on the basis of number of stores, promotional offers; value added services and distributional channel. Royal group, Pharmazone and YIACO are the major player in the market. Royal group is the market leader with dominating share in pharmacy chains followed by Pharmazone and then by YIACO in 2017. Other players in the market include Al-Morji Pharmacy, Tabuk Pharmacy, Saja Pharmacy and others.

Kuwait Retail Pharmacy Future Outlook

The Kuwait pharmacy retail market is expected to grow at a positive single digit CAGR during the period 2017-2022. The retail pharmacy market in Kuwait will be majorly driven by improved healthcare infrastructure such as increase in number of hospitals, pharmaceutical clusters, and primary health clinics. In addition, the high prevalence of contagious diseases, widespread generic drug supply, rise in purchasing power, increasing affordability of healthcare products and the growing over-the-counter drugs market will help to drive growth in Kuwait’s retail pharmacy market.

Key Segments Covered:-

Market Segmentation:-

By Type of Pharmacy (Pharmacy Chains, Independent Pharmacies and Hospital/Clinic Based Pharmacies)

By Type of Drugs (Cosmetics, Food Supplements and Drugs)

By Revenue Split (KD 500 to KD 2,000, KD 2,000 to KD 4,000 and KD 5,000 to KD 10,000)

By Type of Sales Channels (Offline and Online)

Key Target Audience:-


Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Pharmaceutical Distributors

Pharmacy Chains

Health Care Associations

Time Period Captured in the Report:-

Historical Period – 2012-2017

Forecast Period – 2018-2022

Companies Covered:-

Royal Pharmacy



Ali-Abdulwahab Al-Mutawa

Boots Pharmacy





Key Topics Covered in the Report:-

Introduction on Kuwait Retail pharmacy Market

Value Chain

Working Model of Online Pharmacy Company

Market Size by Revenue (2012-2017)

Retail Pharmacy Market Segmentation by Type of Drugs, by Type of Pharmacies, by Type of Sales channel and by Revenue Split per day

SWOT Analysis for Kuwait Retail Pharmacy Market

Competition Scenario in the Industry

Shares and Company Profiles of Major Players in the Market

Growth Drivers, Trends and Developments in the Retail pharmacy Market

Issues and Challenges in the Retail Pharmacy Market

Regulatory Framework of the Industry

Future Outlook for the Market (2018-2022) Including Estimated Market Size in Terms of Revenue and Retail Pharmacy Market Segmentation by Type of Drugs, by type of Sales Channel and by Number of Pharmacies

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