Surging Impact Of Artificial Intelligence (Ai) Technology In The Education Market Outlook : Ken Research

The artificial intelligence technology has become a significant tool for enhancing a user-friendly decision-support system and is broadly used in the sectors of language translation and knowledge acquisition applications. Moreover, the major knock of this technology is witnessed by the education market and the applications of this technology in this sector are unmeasurable. According to the report analysis, ‘Education Market Research Reports Consulting’states that the adoption of cloud facilities among the educations institutions also operates the artificial intelligence in the education industry. The technology of cloud computing enabled the institutions in developing their existing infrastructure with the latest technology without any increase in their capital costs. Whereas, in the last few years, the technology has obtained a significant level of experience due to the rise of AI and development in machine learning algorithms. Therefore, this technology has revolutionized this market.

From building education more reachable to students with smart devices and computers to allowing institutions to decrease the time spent on tedious task and expanding the time spent on each learner. Moreover, the global artificial intelligence industry in education sector is anticipated to grow at as CAGR of 43.5% during the period of 2018-2022. The AI has a huge potential in automation and decreasing the amount of time on tedious tasks. Furthermore, on the basis of applications the educational institutions are using simulation and the AI technology to encourage students to improve their learning experience as well as improve and gain knowledge. According to the report analysis, ‘ EDUCATION INDUSTRY RESEARCH AND MARKET REPORTS’ states that with the growing trend this technology is gaining tractions of virtual classrooms and virtual teachers and the key players of this technology are introducing open online facilities and courses platforms that serves free educations to the global audience. Not only has this, by the end use of this technology the higher education sector accounts for more than 50.0% share in the AI in education industry. As the higher education organizations are moving to artificial intelligence technology more significantly to assist them with career path options for students, course recommendations, administrative assistance and others. Hence, numerous public and private colleges and universities are admiring advanced educational facilities and fueling the growth of the AI technology in the education industry more significantly. Moreover, it is anticipated that the key players are functioning in this market more effectively which increase the competitiveness and make the users more beneficial.

The artificial technology is able of finding difference in the curriculum based on how learners actually perform in the tests which significantly more appropriate for determining the student performance by indication key weak areas where students need performance and transfer this record to the teacher who in turn can aim their attention to these weak segments. On the basis of competition the AI technology in the education industry is highly competitive because of the presence of start-ups and multinational companies. Moreover, the developed regions are also using this technology in the numerous institutions whereas, the underdeveloped countries are also showing efforts in the installation of this technology into the various organizations and educational institutions.

The google, IBM, Microsoft are the multinational companies which are dominating the market more significantly and make the market more competitive. Therefore, in the coming years, it is expected that the AI in education market playing significant role and will lead the market growth over the decades with the more innovations.

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