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The technology of machine learning is dominating the education industry most prominently as this is a classification of algorithm that enables the software applications to become more precise in forecasting the outcomes without being explicitly programmed. Moreover, the machine learning is an application of AI that serves the capability to automatically improve and learn from experience and this technology of MI aims on the enhancing of computer programs that can easily process and use it to learn new things for themselves. According to the report analysis, ‘Education Market Research Reports’ states that to fill up the difference, many tech professionals are looking to augment their skills with other technologies which are essential for machine learning and artificial intelligence. Moreover, the key player of machine learning technology are doing their job more significantly for developing the applications of this technology which lead he market growth of the education industry and make the market more attractive.

For delivering the education to the needy students with the smart phones and computers this technology enables this as while sitting at home any one can analyzes their test number of time and develop themselves accordingly. The technology of MI is strictly surrounded by the modern mathematics, probability theory, drawing on expertise, sets theory, calculus of variations among other areas and several others. Hence, it is not a single technology or technique, but a ground of computational science that indulge numerous technologies to make systems that can learn from data in their surroundings and then make estimations and take action when confronted with a new challenge or situation. Moreover, the algorithms of machine learning can figure out how to function an important tasks by generalizing for examples and it is also a science of getting computers to act without being explicitly programmed. According to the report analysis, ‘Education Industry Research And Market Reports’ states that the research on machine learning is a portion of research on artificial intelligence technology, pursuing to generate knowledge to computers through data, examination and intercommunicating with the globe. In addition, representation, optimization and evaluation are the major concept of the machine learning technology. Not only has this, with numerous applications of machine learning in the education industry, the industry will become more attractive and prominent across the globe which can attract various investors.

The developed countries have made efficient usage of machine learning in the various educational institutions and organization but, the underdeveloped countries are also expected to dominate the market with the significant installation of machine learning technology in the educational institutes. Moreover, the government of emerging economies is also playing significant role in the education industry. With the end use application of this technology the higher education segment accounted handsome amount of share in the MI in education industry. It is also expected that the North America and Europe region is dominating huge amount of share in MI technology in the Education market. Whereas, Asia Pacific region is also showing significant potential for acquiring huge share. The existence of numerous key players makes the market more competitive by which the investors can significantly invest their money in this industry. Therefore, in the coming years it is expected that the market of MI technology is playing significant role in the growth of the education industry over the decades.

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