Dynamic landscape of artificial intelligence (ai) technology in the education market outlook : Ken Research

The technology of artificial intelligence (ai) in the industry of education is playing outstanding role as this technology is has a wide potential and make more accessible to students with the computers or smart devices. The ai technology is to motivate the students to enhance learning capacity as well as capture and enhance knowledge. Ai can operate personalization, efficiency and streamline admin tasks to enable teachers the time and liberty to serve understanding and flexibility – individually human capabilities where machines would suffer. According to the report analysis, ‘education market research reports states that the ai will enable a level of differentiation that’s not possible for a teacher who has to maintain 30 students in each class. By holding the best feature of machines and teachers, the sight for this technology in education industry is one where they work jointly for the best productivity for learners or students.

In the recent trend, the students will require doing efforts in a future where ai is the reality, it is dominant that our educational organizations expose students to and use the technology. Moreover, there are numerous companies which include carnegie learning and content technologies which are presently enhancing intelligent instruction design and digital stages that use ai to serve learning, testing and others. Furthermore, the technology of ai identifies the difference in knowledge and suggesting to new topics when appropriate. On the basis of model, the learner model dominate overall 60.0% share in the ai technology in education industry in 2017 as this model essentially forecast the knowledge of learners which includes the emotional state of student, achievements, previous failures and their engaging potential in studying or learning new things. Moreover, the adaptive learning technology is being used by market leaders for redirecting the digital content and enhancing the content as per the learners’ need and the potential of this technology are also being unsegregated into the learning stage to teach learners in tracking their potential and different learning process. According to the report analysis, ‘education industry research and market reports’ states that the potential of ai technology to help the children when they are fighting at home with homework or other test preparations. The ai technology has many applications which make the education market more effective which includes more development of smart content, a new way of personal development for educators with the help of virtual global conference and others. This technology has turned up this market with the more development in the technology.

On the basis of region, the north america is the leading region of the artificial intelligence technology in the education industry with over 60% share across the globe. However, the europe is also expected to grow at a significant rate in the forecast period. Moreover, the asia pacific region is also showing significant efforts in the ai technology which is most important for acquiring a handsome amount of share in the education market. Blackboard, microsoft, ibm, google are the major leading players across the globe which are significantly collaborating with the educational organizations and institutions. Therefore, in the coming years it is expected that the market of education sector will grow more significantly over the decades.

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