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Education industry is rising more significantly in the Asia Pacific region with the more development in the technology. In addition, the key players are doing effective job for making this market more attractive and profitable whereas, in the ancient time this industry was not so developed and innovative but in the recent trend, this industry is gathering more attraction and views significantly with the development in the technology and introduction of new innovative techniques for transforming the education industry. According to the report analysis, ‘The Market Research Reports For Education states that in Asia Pacific region the usage of mobile phones is on high even in the underdeveloped area, schools and governments are significantly increase leveraging mobile learning through different learning apps to broaden access to education. Not only has the learning apps having so many applications due to which the growth of the market increase significantly in the forecasted period which make the market more competitive as the key players are blending with the other IT companies which are effective in doing innovations in the learning apps.

There are some region where the learning apps are playing significant role in the Asia Pacific education industry more attractive and competitive which includes China, India and Indonesia are among the top purchasers of mobile learning apps technology across the globe. Moreover, in the present era, the electric school books are also available on the smart devices for students to access through an application developed by local startup. The learning apps not only in the Asia Pacific region but across the globe changing the way we teach and learn at a rapid speed. Hence, to make learning more innovative and pleasure with technology the thought of learning apps establishment in the world. According to the report analysis, ‘The Education Industry Research And Market Reportsstates that Southeast Asia is benefiting from the significant adoption of learning apps, as information technology helps compensate for shortage of teachers and study materials. The BYJU’S is one of the India’s foremost education learning app which more significantly driving the market as this app uses a combination of gamification techniques to keep students engaged on its app. For instance as the students have become more anxious during their exam time so this is presented as game at the same to the students that’s why the users engagement is much higher due to positive reinforcement.

The advancement in the learning apps have proven their growth to all the potential users of every field and the applications are easily amendable boosting self-learning habits. Asia Pacific region is now the fastest growing in learning apps education market across the globe with outright leadership in a number of key areas, including social based learning and games based learning. Moreover, the entire framework in the Asia Pacific region, UI and UX of such apps is quite engaging. In the Asia Pacific region government is also supporting the idea of learning apps extremely for growth in the education industry. Therefore, in the coming years it is expected that the learning apps in the Asia pacific education industry will grow immensely over the decades.

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