Increase In The Usage Of Artificial Intelligence (AI) In The Health Care Industry Market Outlook: Ken Research

Healthcare industry is becoming more effective and profit making market in the recent trend with the extensive development in the technology. Technology is playing efficient role in this market as the dangerous diseases only can be identified with the help of several tests which can be done with the help of advanced technology. According to the report analysis, ‘Health Care Industry Analysisstates that the technology of artificial intelligence is growing rapidly in this market and AI technologies are cropping up to help people streamline administrative and clinical health care processes. With the help of AI technology the fraud can also be detected in this industry with the help of cyber cells. Moreover, with the help of AI, the dose of immunosuppressant drugs can be correctly determined to administer to organ patients. In the recent past years, the AI technique breaking the clinical trials in California and with the more development in the coming years the AI technology is very much prevailing in this industry.

Artificial intelligence technology is currently using in the various industry but the usage of AI in the health care industry is different and having a positive impact in many cases. Managing medical records and other such data is important for both the service provider and service receiver moreover, analyzing information is the most widely used application of artificial intelligence. In addition, with this technology the repetitive jobs can be done as analyzing tests, CT scans, X-rays and other tasks can all be done faster and more accurately by robots. In the recent trend, the smartphone’s webcam is partnered with AI to independently confirm that patients are taking their prescriptions on time or not and help them more significantly to manage their daily routine. In addition, with the help of AI technology the process of scanning can spot vascular and cancer diseases as soon as they become danger and instruct the patients related to health issues. According to the report analysis, ‘Health Care Business Review states that with the more innovations in this technology it will lead the market growth more significantly and make the market more competitive as AI is offering various advantages to the health care industry and the innovation in the technology pushes the more solutions to save time, increase in accuracy will be possible and it will also lower down the costs and others.

In North America, the use of artificial technology is growing very rapidly and makes the market fruitful for the investors as well as all the clinical player of this market. In addition, Europe health care market is also doing more development in the application of artificial intelligence technology and leads to the market growth. Furthermore, Asia Pacific region is also dominating the market with the huge market share and doing effective development which is very much profitable for the consumers.

General Vision, Inc., NVODIA Corporation, IBM Corporation, Next IT Corp., Microsoft Corporation, Google, Inc., Stryker Corporation, iCarbonX, Enlitic, Inc., Medtronic Plc., Oncora Medical, Inc and others are the major players of this market. Whereas, in US Google, Inc., is a leading player in the AI in healthcare market followed by Intel Corporation and Microsoft Corporation. However, IBM Corporation is also dominating the market with the more development in the applications of AI technology. With the existence of numerous players in the market, market has been transformed into highly competitive in nature and providing the various opportunities to both investors and existing key players. Therefore, it is expected that in the coming years the market of the AI in healthcare market will grow with the more experiments and development in the technology.

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