Understanding the Global XLPE Cable Market Outlook: Ken Research

XLPE is an abbreviation used for cross linking polyethylene cables which have high grade insulation properties and has shown excellent electric conductor characteristics. Since power cables are more prone to hazards and susceptible to damage, they require more attention and care while manufacturing these cables. XLPE are primarily used for power distribution and transmission. The manufacturing of these cables include variety of materials such as Polyvinyl chloride, polyethene, polyurethane, nylon, ethylene propylene diene monomer, thermoplastic elastomers, and many others. XLPE are considered to be ideal to be used as insulating material due to its ability to hold high capacity of short circuit current. XLPE have gained huge significance in large transmission networks due to the stability these cables offer.

The current electricity generation in the world is witnessing an upward trend especially from renewable energy sources however, since the electricity generation points are very far from the areas of consumption for instance residential or industrial areas. Hence transportation of this electricity that is generated requires the use of XLPE cables.  This point is particularly applicable in terms of renewable energy sources because the production houses are very far (Solar farms, Wind mill farms). This is one of the key drivers for XLPE cable market.  As the world is shifting from non renewable to renewable forms of energy development hence more demand of these cables not only because of its capacity to hold high amount of current but also because the transmission loss in these cables is quite less. Other advantage of XLPE cables include that these cables can operate in harsh weather conditions. This makes them all the more suitable for long distance transmission.

According to the study, ‘GLOBAL XLPE CABLE MARKET RESEARCH REPORT: FORECAST TO 2023’, some major companies manufacturing XLPE cables include Brugg Kabel AG (Switzerland), Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd.(Japan), ABB Ltd (Switzerland), The Prysmian Group (Italy),  General Cable Corporation (U.S.), Nexans S.A.( France), Encore Wire Corporation (U.S.), NKT A/S (Denmark), Finolex Cables Ltd (India), Relemac Technologies Pvt. Ltd (India), Laser Power & Infra Pvt. Ltd (India), KEI Industries Limited (India), Universal Cables Ltd.(India) and Eland Cables (U.K.).

XLPE Cable Market Research

The basic segmentation that is prevalent in the global XLPE cable market is on the basis of area of usage. This includes overhead, underground and underwater cables. Among these the highest share is grabbed by underground cables due to their limited exposure to accidents and lower amount of current dispersion. However, other segmentations in the industry is on the basis of voltage and this includes high medium and low voltage with low voltage holding the highest share because of greater demand from smaller establishments. The market is also divided on the basis of end user application and this includes power, oil & gas, chemical, manufacturing, metals & mining, infrastructure & transportation, and others. Since all these industrial sectors require power, it naturally explains its highest share in this segment. Geographically, U.S. is the market leader for the production of XLPE cables.

Global XLPE market is expected to grow at a very fast rate due to increasing usage on non renewable sources to produce electricity. The competition in this industry is highly fragmented and new companies need to innovate and invest greater amount in the R&D in order to compete with the existing companies.

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