Impact of Urbanization on Real Estate Market Outlook: Ken Research

Real Estate Market Research Reports suggests that since working population is young, affluent and career oriented their disposable income has increased and so does their purchasing power which led to rapid urbanization in search of better opportunities and career prospects. Mass migration from rural to urban areas for better living standard and resources is causing huge pressure on real estate business since they have to reform prices as per increased demand. To keep up with changing lifestyle in the city real estate sector has started partnering with investment community and government to develop urban housing scheme. Moreover A populous city has active interaction between private and government sector that would mark new benchmark for innovation to ensure good supply of housing to white collar mavens.

Real Estate Market Research Reports


Transparency and quality: Newspapers are jam-packed with news of collapsing buildings, demolition, inadequate infrastructure and unlawful eviction causing devastating impact on human life. Therefore transparency is utmost important in real estate so that agent abide by strong ethical standard. Furthermore it is prerequisite to have safe and secure land use planning of urban area as there is proliferating informal settlement with increase in global urban population.

Rents: Even with lower vacancy rate large businessmen are willing to pay premium for building that has access to proximity to work, transit, and amenities. Therefore landlords charge huge rents for urban commercial and residential spaces.

Infrastructure: Peripheral infrastructure of transportation, education and healthcare will lead to substantial and sustainable growth in Real estate business.

Nuclear Family: Due to growth in nuclear middle class family in countries such as India and china real estate business has better growth opportunities in residential sector.

Market Segmentation On The Basis Of Type of Property:

Residential: On the basis of investment, owned houses have fewer shares in market than the rented ones. Owner-occupancy ratios vary from country to country it is stronger in Spain, Italy and Singapore as compared to Switzerland, Hong Kong and Germany. Since younger are more renter than old, aging would cause huge impact on ownership rate.

Office: Urbanization will lead to increase in office employment and therefore boost demand for office space. Commercialization has huge contribution in expanding office buildings.

Retail: Driving force of Retail sector is size and wealth of the population that is it is directly related to the purchasing power of the citizens. Due to rise in employment of youth their purchasing power would increase therefore directly expanding retail space. Maximum increase in demand for retail spaces in seen in emerging market such as that of US and Western Europe.

Real Estate Industry Analysis states that over the decade rapid increase in population is seen in Africa and Asia especially in India; even in china the growth has been slowed down therefore there would be huge affect on the demand of retail, commercial and residential spaces. Africa and Asia will have the maximum numbers of urban dwellers by 2030 that would in turn not only demand housing furthermore the demand for better infrastructure and innovated commercial space will increase as well. Therefore has opened major opportunity gates for real estate to provide access to affordable living.

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Ankur Gupta, Head Marketing & Communications


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