Decorating Apps: Bridging Vision to Visual Market Outlook: Ken Research

These days’ trend forecasters base their prediction and speculation on the basis of information available to them via visual, image driven websites such as houzz, heavenly and many more that directly determine customer preference by recording their every click. Moreover wave of decorating apps have big share in making consumer ingenious and their inclination towards avant-garde furniture. The trends mainly focus on the shift in consumer’s buying preferences due to change in lifestyle.

Market Research Reports for Furniture states that furniture decorating apps give a brief insight to consumer on how a piece of furniture would look in a particular spot in their houses. From digital mood boarding to virtual consultation, these interior designs aspire, color swatch and walk users through home renovation and allow them to preview object in 3D augmented reality. There is an app for nearly all the steps to design process.

Prevailing Situation

Market leaders such as,

  • Houzz has come up with new version of “view in my room 3-D”. It helps user access to play around with different colors and to discover design ideas, select according to their preferences and then could connect to any professional to make the same. It even allows users to purchase goods from their curated collection.
  • Homepolish connects users to designers who are actually freelance contractor.
  • Hutch allows users to take the photo of a space and try different products and styles in order to see it virtually decorated.

Designing furniture according to house space has historically been costly due to its inconsistency and unassured nature. Decorating apps have successfully collaborated with designers to envision, plan and create a space that is both aesthetic and functional.

Furniture decorating apps give a common platform to the entire sector be it commercial, residential or even industrial to choose the suitable furniture to accomplish their requirements of working and leisure space. Changes in taste and preferences have led to decline in business of traditional designers who operated successfully in the beginning now users are more inclined towards cost effective, fast and efficient digital transformation. They seem to have promising future because it is expected to come up with 3D printing, both augmented (AR), virtual reality (VR) and smart homes. Now users would be able to visualize their vision on their phones, desktops and tabs.

Furniture Industry Research Report states that decorating app industry is growing at great pace where all furniture retailers look forward to owning their own app featuring 3D mode and virtual reality or collaborating with big platforms to increase their sales. For instance there are  few acquisitions that are expected in 3 to 4 years down the line that is Hutch would partner with Nordstrom, Target, Urban Outfitters and other major retailers and lifestyle stores to showcase and sell their furniture, giving them access to a new sales channel and is quite expected that Amazon would buy Hutch. Addiction and belief on virtual world has built strong foundation for decorating apps who are building towers of success on that.

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