Innovative Furniture Design Market Outlook: Ken Research

The furniture industry is innovating rapidly in order to keep up to consumers’ expectations. From updating designs to building and experimenting with new materials, this industry is rapidly undergoing change starting from its smallest element, coffee tables. Market Research Reports for Furniture indicate that there is a rising demand for innovative furniture and many e-commerce companies that have invested in such projects are reaping benefits.

Coffee tables have been built using metal, wood and some other materials but now they are being modified in various ways. There are now designs available that suit the consumers’ personal style from modern – stylish designs to intricate stone work, all are aimed at attracting more customers. Developments are also changing the materials used in the setting up of these items as more than one material is being used for the purpose.

  • These days oak is in popular use and has been combined with metal to form the round cage design which is extremely popular among customers.
  • Colours have become very prominent in furniture innovation evident by Furniture Industry Research Reports which reveal developments like ombre glass elliptical coffee tables. This incorporates the use of coloured glass.
  • Overlapping coffee tables are a hot trend these days and are developing constantly as they not only look stylish together but each unit can be used independently thereby increasing functionality. For instance-
  1. Rock Coffee tables developed by Rafa Garcia are among such popular tables that interact perfectly with each other to create a contemporary set up.
  2. Oslo Nesting End Tables are the perfect edition to any room needing to conserve space. These are 2 small tables that have a combined size smaller than an average coffee table. These can be separated when needed and then nested together afterwards.
  3. Levels are coffee tables that have a serene design by being built from oak. Each table surface is topped by glass giving a classy finish to the product. One set usually constitutes 3 tables that can slide apart whenever needed.
  4. The Syro tables give the impression that an ancient sliced fossil has been converted into the perfect coffee table. Unique shades and layouts grace the surface of different variants creating dynamic visuals.

Most of the innovative furniture is being developed and outsourced by e-commerce giants like Amazon. Such companies are developing their operations to incorporate design innovation in their products. Debenhams is a British multinational retailer that is reputed for having innovative designs in coffee tables. The Sofa and Chair Company is among UK’s leading luxury furniture designers. De Castelli is another reputed company that is known for harboring innovative furniture designs.

Carrying out an analysis of the range of products that these companies offer and taking into account the recent trends we can safely assume that coffee tables are at the forefront of innovative furniture design. This can be attributed to two factors; the first is the simple structure of the item which makes it easy to experiment on having no complex use. Secondly, coffee tables are widely used by people hence, they are an excellent way to attract public attention and expand business. Innovative designs appear to be building on the concept of style in simplicity and increasing functionality.

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